Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Here you go, Rick!

Well, since Rick is over at his blog bitching about *some* people who don't update their blogs, I suppose I'd better get on it before he hunts me down. The weekend was insanely busy! On Friday, I went to a scrapbooking crop with Deetra. Now keep in mind, I have not pulled out my scrapbook stuff since March, and before that it had been at least a year. So, to say I am a little rusty is NOT an exaggeration!

We had a lot of fun, and I started on a new album that has been sitting there just waiting so patiently for like, 3 years. I got home from that at about midnight and was up by 7:00 am to get Kendall up and ready for her theatre class on Saturday morning. UGH. On the way back from that, we met Barry and Noah at Ms. Kathy's so she could watch the monkeys while we went to pick out our new carpet. See, we've only had our carpet for 3 years...and Stainmaster is replacing it because it is defective. Cool, right? Yeah, I guess. But picking carpet is never easy, and what a pain to move all of our furniture so it can be installed! So, anyway, after much deliberation, this is what we've chosen:
And this is the room it is going in...

Yeah, I know I should think more neutral. But I'm sick of neutral. This is my house, and I like to live a colorful life. Plus, that nice neutral carpet sure shows alot of dirt! So, anyway, that's what's happening there. After much stress about that decision, I am going with my gut...and green it is!

Then the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday were spent working on the deck, doing laundry, cleaning, going to soccer, and WASHING WINDOWS! Yeah, I know you're all jealous. Wish you all could have been here! Helping, of course! Hee-hee!

Then last night, I had some ladies over for a Lia Sophia jewelry party. Friends, food, and jewelry...what fun!Here is the necklace I got just for hosting the party:

So, I'll have to let you know what else I might order! The special of the month is earrings, so who knows what I may pick up???


Rick said...

The carpet will look great I am sure. I thought of you on Sunday, we were going through Westerville and I saw an Old Bag of Nails Pub.
Have a good day.

Kuckie said...

And you didn't stop in for a Killians and some deep fried pickles??? What a shame, Rick!!!

Logziella said...

I like your carpet choice. I am a nuetral person myself but even though your carpet is green, it's still a neutral green that should go with just about anything. I think it will look nice with your cabin walls. Good choice!

Cool jewlery and post some scrapbook pages will ya? :0)

Rick said...

Sorry, I was on a mission, no stopping until we reach the destination!

Kuckie said...

Logzie- Thanks! I got it all ordered, so now I'm feeling ok with it! I'll post pics once it gets installed...and I'll try to get on posting my pages, but they are not as impressive as yours, I'm just warning you!

rick - Bummer, you really missed out!

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