Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's not summer anymore!

Well, that last go-round with the popsicles just may have been the last hurrah of our indian summer. On Tuesday night, the temperature around here dropped from an unseasonably hot weekend in the 90's to the mid 50's yesterday. Boy, did it feel cold! I took the kiddos outside last night to play soccer and just basically run around to dispel some excess energy, and I had them in jeans and sweatshirts! What a change from the tank-tops and shorts they were in on Monday and Tuesday!

But it's all good. I love fall!

The chill in the air.
The colors of the leaves changing.
The clean, crisp smell of fall.
Jeans and sweaters, long-sleeve T's and big comfy socks.
Sitting on the couch wrapped up in a big fleece blanket.
Apple crisp, apple pie, and baked apples.

Ahhhh, it's finally on it's way. Now maybe I can officially make it to the pumpkin patch! You truly cannot go picking pumpkins when the sun is blazin' and it's damn near 90 outside. It just doesn't fit!

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