Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogger Love

If any of you out there read Terri Terri on a regular basis, you know I was one of the winners of her little contest. And by the way, if you DON'T read Terri Terri, should have your ankles tied together, be hung upside-down and tickled until you pee your pants...I'm just sayin'. The girl ROCKS. You can trust me on this.

Anyway, I received my prize in the mail this week...and it is PERFECT! (I can post this now, right Terri? I'm not ruining the surprise, am I?? Too bad, I can't wait any longer...I've been so patient already!!!)And guess what else??? It was filled with CHOCOLATE!!!!! Oh my...let me tell you, I didn't share any of it either!!! Does that make me selfish? (Yeah, as if I one stands between me and my chocolate!)

So Terri, thank you so so so SOOOOOOO much!!! I LOVE IT!!! And yes, I will think of you and your Friday Blessings every time I sip my tea. Love ya, girl!


Miss Got Wings said...

How sweet - what a perfect gift for you! That saying fits you to a t. Congratulations on winning :0

terri said...

I'm so glad you like it and so glad you were one of my winners! Thanks for the awesome shout-out!

Teresa said...

That IS a perfect gift!! That would definately make me think of Terri everyday that I drank my coffee! Good job Terri and good job Kuckie for winning!!

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