Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What's Been Cookin'?

I have been a maniac in the kitchen!

I don't know why, but I have been cooking and baking up a storm! I guess that's what fall does to me...

Just in case you're interested, here are some things I've been cooking (and eating!):

  1. Chili & Corn Bread - made with half ground beef and half ground venison. NO green peppers!
  2. Beef and Noodles - YUM!
  3. Chicken and Bowties - has cream and sun-dried tomatoes and is SO good!
  4. Beef and Rice casserole - looks yucky, tastes YUMMY!
  5. The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti - everyone in my family (and Deetra's!) was ga-ga over this!
  6. The Pioneer Woman's Zucchini Cakes - OMG!!! Sooo good! Like a crab cake, but with Zucchini! Especially good with Robert Rothschild's Onion Blossom dip. Mmmmm...
  7. Venison Tenderoin sauteed with Garlic & Onions - My very favorite way to eat venison!
  8. The Pioneer Woman's Crash Hot Potatoes - Super easy and so good I had them for breakfast the next morning!
  9. Sugar Cookies
  10. Zucchini Bread, 3 ways - Plain, with Ghiradelli chocolate chips, and with chocolate chips and pecans...yummy any way you slice it! Plus, I made this even healthier by using 1/2 oat flour, replacing 1/2 the oil with applesauce, and adding ground flax seed. Mmm Mmm good!
  11. Chocolate "Cake Mix" cookies - Sheri's famous for these!
  12. My Favorite Lasagna - Mmmmm, bring it on, baby!
  13. Orange Zucchini Muffins - These contain golden raisins and are so delightful!
  14. Roasted Veggies - My very favorite way to eat veggies!
  15. Apple Crisp - Of course! It's fall, people!
My dishwasher has been super busy...it runs all day! But I'm tellin' you what...my family and I have been full and happy! You must try some of these dishes...they are tried and true. I wouldn't steer you wrong, peeps!

Anyone want to come for dinner?? Come on over...I'm on a roll here! What have you been cookin' up? What are your fall favorites??


Wreggie said...

I was just searching for a good Jambalaya for New Orleans when they come to town.

MommyK said...

YUM! Sounds great! I LOVE apple crisp in the fall, following a roast with potatoes and gravy. It's my favorite fall meal.

Teresa said...

Okay...now I am jealous! I spent the afternoon in the kitchen yesterday and unfortunatly my results were not the same! I failed to have dinner ready before we had to go so...McDonald's on the way it was...yuck...and then...

I thought I'd get all kitchen"y" and make some "healthy" chocolate chip cookies. I traded the white flour for the wheat flour and I was supposed to add a smidge of milled flaxseed but...well a bunch more poured out than expected and I just figured "well atleast it's good for you..." and well...the cookies might be good for you but they taste like CRAP!! The kiddos are loving them and we'll let's just say...we're all regular these days! LOL!!

I'm going to check out that Pioneer Woman as I've been hearing a lot about her these days.

California Girl said...

Oh my goodness! WOW! Sounds just wonderful! I'll be over in a minute!

Kiki said...

Can I just send you my address so I can get that zucchini bread with Ghiradelli chocolate in it??? I've never had Zucchini, much less in bread...does it taste like zucchini, does it matter if ther's chocolate in it??? Probably not!!

It all sounds so good, I'm going to be away for a week and a half so I can't cook until I get home...
thanks for the inspiration though, I'll be keeping them in mind when I get ready to cook!!!

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

DANG!! Where do you live? It'd be worth the drive to get food like that AND not have to cook it!!
You've GOT to send me your recipes for venison!
I will DEFINITELY try the Pioneer ones you posted!

Miss Got Wings said...

I love PW! Now, please be a dear and pack up any leftovers you have and send them off to IL :) lol

kenady said...

I would love to come over for dinner! Thanks for the invite!

KC said...

Sounds delish...what time should I be there for dinner?!?! LOL! :)

KC said...

My favorite fall recipes...humm...I have so many favorites. but probably my Nanny's homemade chicken and dumplings (YUM! she is the best cook ever!), and then some fresh homemade apple crisp, topped with a scoop of blue bell vanilla ice cream. YUM! (that is something I wont make unless we are having company or something, because unfortunately I'd be tempted to eat it all! LOL!)

Kuckie said...

Wreggie - Mmmm, I've never made Jambalaya, even though my hubby loves it. Maybe I should?

MK- That sounds simply divine!

T - Definitely check out PW...she rocks! And sorry about the cookies. When can I come for my cooking class?? ;0)

CG - Can't wait!

Kik - You know I'd send you some in a heartbeat. Just send me your address!

MJ - Ohio, girl! But I'm sure you can find some good cookin' a little closer to home! Although, I would love for you to visit!

Kate - NO leftovers, can you believe it?

Kenady - I'll anxiously be awaiting your arrival! Bring the kids too!

KC - How about 6-ish? And I LOVE chicken & dumplings...but I've never actually MADE them...why not????

terri said...

I'd love to come join you for dinner! (And dessert!) Everything sounds SO good!

I have cooked. Ummm... just one thing recently.... tater tot hot dish.

What can I say? It would help if my family were ever around to help eat a meal!

jenelle said...

I'm gonna stick myself in a box and ship myself to your house. Can I have the bowtie chicken recipe?

I love zucchini bread. Tried making it on a whim and now I have lots stored up in my freezer.

My fall favorites - soups (potato, chicken & rice, broccoli cheese, stew, etc), Herb Pork w/apples, Caramel apple pie, pumpkin anything, etc... Too many to list.

Did I hear cooking class???

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