Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Perils of Log Home Living, Volume 1

Oh I love my log home, I surely do.

But here's the deal, peeps...there are a certain number of things that come with living in this cozy cabin that maybe should be considered before rushing into cabin living. First and foremost, the biggest drawback...dusting. Oh yeah, I said it...and I'll say it again...DUSTING. Now, my mom will surely enthusiastically agree that I have never been one to "love" any sort of homemaking duties that involve cleaning...but I persevere because, one else is going to do it now, are they?

Go ahead Mom...can I get an hearty "Amen" here? It's alright, you can say it. I won't hold it against you...well, maybe I won't. Jess, you can go ahead and say it. I WILL hold it against you, though...I'm just warnin' ya. Hey, at least I'm honest.

This task should probably be done every 3 months if you're a clean freak. Every 6 months if you are just your normal everyday individual with a life. And well, if you're like me, you need some kind of motivation...a deadline, if you will. You really just need to be scared to death that someone might actually SEE that you don't keep up with all that dusting. So anyway, PARTLY because of the halloween party we're having tomorrow night, and PARTLY because I'm hosting the Bunco group next month for our holiday party, and PARTLY because it's been *ahem* "way too long"...I got out the huge stepladder and my Dyson and started dusting all of the log walls, beams, and ceiling fans in the house. This is not a feat for the faint of heart, I assure you! There are heights involved...and dustbunnies of disporportionate sizes. And dead bugs, too. And it takes so long...DAYS!!! And you know why it sucks so badly? Because you can't just wipe the logs off, oh no...youhave to sweep them with the brush attachment. See, the logs aren't sanded smooth...they're rough, so they catch on dustcloths and the like, leaving little fuzzies and strings hanging on the logs! And that's almost worse than the dust! But alas, it was time to get 'er done! And was worse than I even expected! Actually, the walls themselves weren't too bad...but the beams??? UGH!!!
Can I get a witness??----------->And right in the middle of working on the king and queen posts in my bedroom, I looked down from my perch and actually sat for a minute and considered what it would be like to just jump off the top of my ladder onto my cozy bed below...I wonder if it would be fun? But it might break my box springs. Yeah, it would DEFNITELY break my box springs. But it was a fun fantasy while it lasted. Anyone else want to try?

I can't believe I'm actually putting these pictures out here for you all to see! But you're my friends, right? No judgements?? It's ok, Jen, we've all been there?? Helll-oooo, anyone out there?


Teresa said...

Gosh, I never thought about THAT...the dust on the logs and not being able to use a towel! Ugh...that IS a BIG job! That picture of your bed...Ummm...YOU ARE WAY HIGH UP GIRL!!! Be careful!! How do you bring the vaccum up with you or do you have a special REALLY long attachment? I can't picture this.

And just so you know...I have had that much dust in my house...LOTS of times!! I hate dusting too! You see, I'm an organizational freak...not so much a clean freak! Just as long as it's organized...doesn't have to be clean...just organized! LOL!!

jenelle said...

Dusting... only when I have too and will be greatly embarassed by the state of it all. We have a wood burning fireplace that is connected to our heating system so we are burning all the time. Great way to save money, great way to create a TON of dust from the smoke and particles. Don't look! The ceiling fan blades in our room have been moving all summer/fall long and have recently stopped with cold weather. I may have to call in the reinforcements for that one.

Good luck cleaning and avoid the diving from heights urges.

Miss Got Wings said...

aaaah-chooooo! That picture made me sneeze. Here I am thinking "wouldn't it be lovey-dovey for us to build a log home one day?" thanks for the dose of reality. Not that I won't consider it now, i still would, but it's good to know what additional tasks it would require.

Good on ya for taking on the dust bunnies. Now just be careful Jen!

cindy.garver said...



Claire said...

So I will now stop complaining about having to dust my blinds with a that swiffer thing - my hands are sweating just getting a sense of the height looking down on your bed - whew!!! Love your bedspread and pillows - great colors!

California Girl said...

Dusting - one of my least favorite jobs as it is a never ending deal here. We have that wonderful pixie dust that creeps through an old opening and gosh forbid I have the doors or windows open for any length of time. AAAAHHH CHOOOOO!

KC said...

That is a much needed dose of reality...but I'm still determined to one day have a Log Home. It's nice to be able to talk with someone who has one, and know about these little things before hand. However, I think the beauty of the log home makes up for the horrible chore of dusting. :)

Don't feel bad, I think we ALL hate dusting. I can't even motivate myself to dust the ceiling fans on a regular basis..much less those huge log beams. Yikes! LOL!

Kuckie said...

Teresa - No worries, girl. I am VERY careful, especially since I am usually home alone with Noah while I'm doing it! And I have a very hard time believing that your house ever has dust!! ;0)

Jenelle - I hear ya about the ceiling fans. I'm tackling Noah's and Kendall's today...UGH!

Kate - The dusting in a mere annoyance, but I wouldn't give up my log home for anything! Still would like to jump onto the bed though...

Mom - I KNEW you'd be in agreement!

Claire - Thanks...they were my Christmas present last year from my Mom...and I love them too!

CG - It appears we ALL hate to dust!

KC - You're right, girl. The dusting is NOT a reason to give up on the log home dream!!! It's just a pain in the A@%!!!

Kiki said...

Oh girl, I still want a log home you think Barry would build me one??? Heehee, Just kidding!!!

I hate dusting too...considering a cleaning service, my two days off a week are too precious to spend them cleaning!!!

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