Saturday, October 04, 2008

No plans + no obligations = a really nice weekend!

This weekend, I am a single parent.

Barry and (almost) our entire group of friends left Friday morning on a huge tricked-out bus for a big ol' trip to Madison, Wisconsin for the Buckeyes game. Well actually, the GUYS went to Madison...the GIRLS all got dropped off in Chicago, where they are spending all day today at a big spa, then off to dinner, and then off to see Wicked. I'm sure there was shopping and dinner last night, and probably more shopping tomorrow as well. The guys got into Madison late last night, but I'm pretty sure that didn't stop them from going out for a while...and I'm sure the beer flowed all day today and football was the only thing any of them talked about. Sound like fun? Absolutely! So why am I at home?

Well, you see, I have these two adorable little munchkins to take care of. Childcare for an entire weekend does not come easily! Plus, I'm saving all my extra money and childcare "credits" for a loooong weekend in NYC with my two best buds in the whole entire world, Sheri and Sarah. See, in about 2 years, we will all turn 40...and none of us have ever seen THE BIG APPLE. (I know,'s a damn shame!) Anyway, we decided that we want to save until then and when the time comes, we want to do it and do it RIGHT! Shows, shopping, nice name it. Although, apparently Sheri and Sarah are concerned (or hoping, actually...)that they may be getting married or pregnant at that time, so they have decided they would like to move it up to next year...if I can make it happen. Of course, I am all too happy to make it I am saving up for it, and crossing my fingers that I will have the money and the help to do it!

I know everyone is having a blast on the trip this weekend, but I'm actually ok with not being there. The kids and I had a blank slate...we could do (or not do) anything we wanted. Last night, we snuggled on the couch, watched a movie, and had popcorn. This morning, Kendall had gymnastics, and then we went to Timmy Ho's for Timbits. Three cheers for Timbits!!The lady there was so cool! She gave each of the kids their own little box to carry their portion of the Timbits in. They were so geeked out over was too funny! We went to Target to make some returns and pick up a few things and then headed home for lunch. Kendall played on Webkinz for a while, and Noah played trains while I cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry. We played outside. We played inside. And then I had a most excellent idea...we could go out for pizza! See, at Kendall's school, when you get straight A's on your report card, you get a card for a free personal size pizza and small drink from this cute little place in West Jeff called Flyers. Over the past year, she has amassed quite a nice little stack of them, so we put them to use tonight...and had an almost "free" evening out! Came home, snuggled in a pile on my bed and watched Rescue Heroes and now they monkeys are down for the count!

What will tomorrow bring? Maybe a matinee at the dollar theater. Kendall says "Space Chimps" or whatever it's called is supposed to be funny. We'll see. Maybe we'll just stay home. Or maybe we'll go to the Oktoberfest parade in Sheri's hometown. Who knows? We'll see how we feel tomorrow. Until then, I am headed to a hot bubble bath, a glass of wine, and then I am going to lay smack in the middle of my bed and watch Season 2 of The Office. Ahhhhhhh.....maybe I should send Barry to all the away games...

Nah, we'd miss him too much!


Sheri said...

New York 2009! WhooHoo!!!!!!

Teresa said...

I'm finally to the point where when Chuck leaves, I can enjoy it too. I guess August really broke me in! LOL!!

Glad you are having fun with the kiddos. Not having to be anywhere is so nice isn't it?'ll LOVE it. I'm excited for you!!

Kuckie said...

Sheri - BRING IT ON!

T - I cannot wait...NYC isn't ready for the three of us...

Kiki said...

Oh girl, NYC won't let you down, its everything you could imagine and more...I am so excited for you to go and I can't wait to hear how it all goes!!! Good luck saving up for it!!!

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