Friday, October 17, 2008

Six Insignificant Details

A week or so ago, MommyK tagged me to list six insignificant details about myself and then tag 6 people to do the same. Let's see if I can come up with anything...

1.) I LOVE any book by Stephen King. He is my absolute favorite author. I own many of his books and read them over and over again. And over again. And again.

2.) I prefer staying at home and cooking with friends over going out to dinner. Sheri and I can cook up a meal that rivals anything we'd have at a's much cheaper and we can hang out and talk all evening long if we want, and we can make dessert whenever we feel like it (like after our stomachs have had plenty of time to settle). PLUS, the rhythm of the evening never gets out of sync when we don't have to get up and go someplace else.

3.) I watch at least one episode of The Office every SINGLE night. I believe in the importance of laughter, and even more in the importance of ending the day on a happy note. So, I have a DVD of The Office in my DVD player at all times, and Barry and I watch it every night. Holy crackamoly, do I ever I love that show!

4.) My daughter, Kendall, is my firstborn. I was my mom's firstborn. My mom was my grandma's firstborn. My grandma was my great grandma's firstborn. I'm not sure about my great grandma, but don't you think that's interesting? All the firstborns are GIRLS. Not a boy in the mix! will be interesting to see if Kendall's firstborn is a boy or a girl!

5.) Venison heart is one of my favorite meals. I know you all will judge me for this, but I promise you, if you haven't tried should! It is so lean and flavorful!! And I only get it once per year...and that time is coming up here in January! Yippee!

6.) Sometimes when I'm watching Kendall at gymnastics practice I wish there was a gymnastics practice for adults. I sooooo love tumbling. I love the vault. I even love the bars. The beam? Not so much...had a nasty fall once. But man, if they offered an adults class, I would be the first to sign up. I've been caught more than once doing cartwheels, backbends, and round-offs with Kendall in the backyard...haven't tried out my backhandspring in about 15 years, but I bet I can still do it. (I'd probably see stars afterward, but I think I could do it!)

There you go...nothing too earth shattering here!!! What you see is what you get!

I tag:
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Have fun, gals...can't wait to read all about you!


California Girl said...

What fun! I really enjoy reading misc things about people. I, too, like venison. Not too much at a time, but it is really good. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

We LOVE the OFfice at our house too. We also like Big Bang Theory-have you seen it?

Are you of Scandinavian descent? We have a lot of family traditions that trace back to our Swedish roots, and many are centered around the first born girl--such as certain family heirlooms that pass down to the firstborn girl, including names, and our Sankta Lucia Christmas traditions. Your post made me think of that.

Nice to "meet" you!

Jen @ lordsofthemanor

terri said...

I used to love Stephen King too... but somewhere along the line I became a fraidy-cat. Haven't read any of his books in years!

BTW, I haven't forgotten your prize. Sorry it's taking so long, but they are finally almost ready to be mailed.

Sheri said...

For the record,I don't consider number two an INsignificant detail, but I'm glad to be a part of the fun. We DO rock in the kitchen don't we?:)

Claire said...

I am curious about how you prepare venison heart - and just so you know I really respect people that hunt and use what they hunt. I have a friend who is a deer hunter and not only uses the venison but also tans the skins and makes slippers and other items from the "leather."

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

OH ME GOSH! Venison HEART? Wow are hard core!! I love it!
Okay...I'm honored that you tagged me. now I've gotta start thinkin...

Kiki said...

So no judging here...I think that if you hunt and eat it...then, well, that was kind of the plan. I think its cool, not that I could, I have hard time eating just plain old chicken if I think about it too much!!!

So nice to catch up and see what everyone has been up too...I haven't missed much, everyone seems to be equally as busy...including you!!!!!

Fun facts, thanks for sharing!!

KC said...

Those are great! I didn't know ANY of those things about you....I learned something today. :)

Teresa said...

Okay, I SO HAVE NOT forgotten about this...I wanted to leave my comment telling you to check out my blog and my 6 things but I've been so busy and I can't think of 6 things worth writing or more so...6 things I've never shared before! LOL!! I'm sorry...I am still thinking and I won't let you down!!

I loved reading yours!! I love learning small silly little things about my blogger friends! So Fun!!

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