Friday, October 03, 2008


Well, as any of you who have spent any time reading on my blog know, I am not much of a shopper. It really isn't that I don't enjoy GETTING new things, I just hate the time it takes to find what you want. And then even more, I hate trying to find said things for a price I am willing to pay. It takes TIME, people...and that is what I hate. I don't have TIME for it. There's too much other fun stuff to do in life that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! And why on earth would I spend my hard-earned money on clothes, if it means I have to cut back on my food budget? NO WAY, JOSE!! I would much rather shop with reckless abandon at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I have NEVER left either of those stores in tears, feeling like there was nothing there for me!!! Good food does not discriminate...I'm just sayin'...

Anyway, back to the shopping. It has come to the point, unfortunately, that I must shop. I think I may have mentioned before that I have been wearing the same khaki shorts to work for the last 8 summers. Last spring, I threw away my overly worn(and ill-fitting) khaki pants so that I would be forced to buy new ones when fall came again. My work shirts look worn, some have shrunk, and most of the light colored ones have oil stains. I didn't buy any shoes last year, except for a pair of Nikes for shoe collection consists of multiple pairs of flip flops, a pair of 7 year-old stacked black half-boots, one pair of chunky black slip-on loafers, a pair chunky ultra-casual brown mules, a pair of Nikes, and a really nice pair of Ralph Lauren heels with an ankle strap that I got on major clearance at DSW. It is time for some shopping, don't ya think?

I actually gave in while at the beach in August. Kiki and Kenady very graciously spent their day with me, and volunteered to help me find a pair of jeans that wouldn't send me screaming from the mall like a raving lunatic. They did...and I bought them, relieved that someone was able to help me. Then, on another vacation day, the girls and I went to TJ Max and I found a cute pair of flats that I HAD to have. They aren't anything highly fashionable(or at least I don't think) but they are SO me, and I loved them the minute I saw them. Aren't they cute? I also got a warm brown hoodie for $10.00...super warm and snuggly!
Then two weekends ago, I started to feel the chill in the air and knew I had to get out and find some pants for work or I was going to be stuck wearing 8 year old shorts in the middle of winter. And trust me, that is NOTHING anyone wants to see! I'm pale in the summer...let's not even talk about winter! Sheri volunteered to go on this little excursion with me, for moral support and to keep me focused. (Moms, have you ever realized how easy it is to get sidetracked when shopping for yourself? It's way more fun to buy clothes for the kids, because they always fit, and they're all cute! Oh, am I losing focus again??) Anyway...our first stop was the Eddie Bauer Warehouse and Outlet store. VERY good deals there, and nice quality clothes. I found 3 shirts for work and 3 shirts for everyday ($6.99 ea). I also found a really nice sweater for $9.99. No dice on the pants though... they were all incredibly long on usual.We were feeling victorious and lucky!! So we headed to JC Penney at the mall, because that's where I found my old khakis, and they fit well before I washed the shit out of them (not literally, of course!). While there, I tried on many different styles and brands of khakis...all way too long. In a moment of pure genius, Sheri asked if I'd ever tried petites. I explained that I had in the past, but I am somehow right in between petites and regular. The petite pants are always just short enough that they look too short with shoes, and the regular pants are always ridiculously long. Also, the petite pants are cut differently somehow, and they feel too short in the crotch area, if you know what I mean. Not very comfortable at all! But once we got our heads together, we reasoned that since the pants are being cut so much longer now, that maybe the petites would be longer too...and maybe I should at least try them. Well glory be...they fit. Like a dream. Now I won't be wearing them with anything other than flat shoes, because then they would be too short...but for my purposes, they are perfect. And they are so comfy, I bought 2 pair. I swear, it's like not even wearing pants at all!! (Is that good?) And the best part? Sale price = $19.99!! Rock ON!!!

Of course, while we were still there, I also found 2 more long sleeved knit shirts (my fall/winter faves) in charcoal grey and black so I can support my Buckeyes of course. AND, another pair of jeans that fit me like A DREAM. They are long, yes...but I can have them hemmed. They are ridiculously flattering and best of all? Sale price = $24.99!! Yeee-Haaaa! I guess I learned something about finding jeans that fit from Kik and Kenady, eh? Thanks, girls! (Excuse my little fashion show and the "no-make up face", but I wanted to show you my wares!!! Kendall took the pictures, didn't she do a great job?)Oh yeah, and I love wearing hats, most especially my Disney ball's the greatest! But I need a cute hat to wear when I'm not sporting my ponytail, so I picked up this cute little thing for $8.99...what do ya think?
Then last night, I had to run to the mall to return something and I had to run through Penney's to get there. Hanging right in front of me was a long, button-up sweater that Sheri bought when we were shopping for pants. It is so cute...and looks really good with my standby (yep, you guessed it...a long sleeved knit shirt!), that I grabbed one for myself in grey. Again, on sale..$34.99. I think I'm about set now...just need a pair of shoes or two for winter. Let's hope I can find something I like that's on sale!

I'm sorry, did I say I hated shopping? ;0)


MommyK said...

I love shopping for clothes but I get so frustrated lately because the pants don't fit! I need Kiki and Kenady to come shopping with me!

Great pics! You look great! I love the cute hat!

kenady said...

YAY!! There's nothing like cute, well-priced clothes that fit and make you feel good about yourself! So very happy you were able to find some cute pieces:) You look great! Can't wait for you next trip south!

kenady said...

Oh and Kendall did a great job taking pictures!

M, J, B, G, Sam & Sadie said...

WEll, I LOVE shopping...but you are absolutely right...I ALWAYS end up buying WAY more for my kids than for myself. I used to HATE shopping back when I HATED my body...but now that I've lost enough weight that I am a normal size, I LOVE to shop! My only problem is...I wish I had enough money to buy all the cute stuff I find!
Anyway, you found some great deals! I LOVE those jeans..the first pair and the 2nd pair. The back pockets on the 2nd pair are so cute!
So what fit jeans did you buy from the Gap?
I bet I'm about the same height as you...5' 3"...maybe 5' 4" if I'm on my tippy toes. I have a hard time finding jeans that aren't WAY too long too.
Anyhow, hooray for your cute stuff for good prices!
The hat is SO've gotta have attitude for that!

David said...

was the look in the sweater "Magnum" or was it "Blue Steel"? Keep it up Kucklander and maybe someday we will meet on the runmawy for an EXTREME spin-off. Yep, you should be should all be scared.

David said...

as long as it is not a spell-off!

terri said...

I was just telling another blog buddy how much I suddenly love JC Penneys. I like that they have some cute stuff that doesn't look like it belongs on a teenager but doesn't look frumpy either.

I have the opposite pants problem. Always looking for something long enough. I went this morning and found a good pair of black dress pants in a long and picked up an armload of stuff for Kacey at ridiculously cheap clearance prices.

You look adorable in the khakis and brown shirt. Brown is a great color for you!

jenelle said...

I live in long sleeve t-shirts all fall/winter/spring long. Just bought myself two new ones from target this weekend because I did in most of my old ones or they shrunk funny. Love the sweater, jeans, etc. I'm in desperate need of new clothing, but I'll have to wait for the budget to loosen up or my birthday money in a few weeks.

Kendall did a great job and took very flattering pictures.

Teresa said...

I am just like you...I hate shopping normally but then there's days where you just find all the right stuff at GREAT prices and then it's a totally different story alltogether! LOL!!

You look GREAT in all your new duds Kuckie! Go Kendall...future photographer??

Teresa said...

...and now you've given me the itch to go shopping...ugh...

Kuckie said...

MommyK- Kik and Kenady are the BEST!

Kenady - Yay for good clothes!! I can't wait for my next trip South either...I love it there!

MJ- Yeah, I'm 5'4", and I guess I have short legs too. I think my Gap jeans were the new boot cut.

David - You are a nerd. I will have a spell-off with you ANYDAY!

Terri - JCPenney can be very surprising if you know the store well. They actually carry cute stuff and it's not priced badly. I can almost always find something there. And I would LOVE to have your pants least for a while. I can't imagine what it would be like to be tall and thin with those super long legs!

Jenelle - Long sleeve T's ROCK! And I'm not glad I'm not the only one who has to wait for the budget to open up to go get myself some clothes...

T - What, no tears today? I must not be doin' my job very well!! LOL!!

KC said...

Love the new clothes! SUPER CUTE!!! I especially loved the hat. That was ADORABLE! Did you get that at JCPenney too? I've been looking for something like that, but hadn't found one I liked that was within my budget. LOVE IT!
I love shopping, I just can't afford to buy everything that I fall in love with. :)

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