Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hangin' At The Playground...

On Monday, Kendall had a class at the zoo all morning, so Noah and I walked around the zoo for an hour or so and then headed over to the playground before it got too busy with the bigger kids. Now, Noah and I don't really get too much time for just the two of us, so I decided to take advantange. We packed some yummy snacks and my camera...and he had ALL of my attention.

The kid was having a blast. For about half an hour, we were the only people on the playground, and let me tell you, he thought he was the cat's pajamas! I didn't get too many good pictures, though...since he was too busy doing "his thing" to look at me. But here are a few that I did get, so I hope you enjoy them!


Kathy said...

Jen, I just wanted you to know that I am really enjoying this site! If I'm sitting at work and I'm kinda blah....I just go out to see the kids and it makes me smile! I'm going to share this site with Kaitie and Zach when I get home!

See ya after vacation....so we can set a time for the kids to do a sleepover!!!!

Love you guys....Ms. Kathy

Jen Kuck said...

Thanks Kathy...glad to give you a lift at work. The kids will be thrilled to come for a sleepover!

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