Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Puppet Crazy!

Last night before bedtime, Kendall sat Barry and I down for a puppet show. She had worked hard on all her puppets and was ready to show us her stuff!

This particular show was about a Mama Spider and a Baby Spider. The Baby Spider loved to pick flowers for his Mama. They also went on a trip to a wetland and saw a bear eating some fish. On their way home from the wetlands, they met an alien and took a trip to outerspace. It was quite entertaining! Sometimes I wonder where she gets her great imagination...her ideas are so detailed. I don't remember ever being like that!

And check out all those puppets! The kid LOVES her crafts...and puppets has been at the forefront here lately. She has puppets that she uses to let us know she is sad and mad and happy...(yeah, like we need a puppet face to figure THAT out....) the girl is puppet CRAZY! But you know what? She entertains herself...and then entertains all of us...what could be better?

Maybe the next time you see her you will be lucky enough to be in audience of her latest creation!

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