Friday, June 30, 2006

Very Important Question

So, when you take a bath or shower, how many towels do you use?

Seriously, I really want to know!

Yesterday, I was working on one of my clients, and he was telling me that he just didn't understand why women make things harder for themselves. I told him that I quite agreed, but asked him what he was talking about specifically. (Now understand that he has 5 daughters, so he is utterly and completely surrounded by women.) He told me that when he and his family first started heading up to his boat for the weekend that the girls and the women would take forever in the morning "getting ready". He couldn't understand why they were curling or straightening their hair, putting on makeup, and wearing cute outfits and heels. They are on a BOAT, for pete's sake! And as soon as the boat gets moving, there is no more cute hair...and as soon as you slather on your sunscreen, there is little makeup left....and he just didn't even know what to think about the HEELS! evening they had company on the boat, and he asked the simple question. How many towels do you use when you take a bath or shower? All of the men answered, "One!"

All of the women answered two to three. Now me, being kind of a simple girl, had to ask...what on earth are they using three towels for? He proceeded to tell me that he asked the very same question...and that is seems they need one towel to wrap around their head, another to dry off and wrap around their body, and yet another to drape over their shoulders. OKAAAYYY???!!!

So then he asks...what do you do with the three towels when you are finished with them? I answered, "Well, I only use one, and then I hang it on the towel rack to dry."

"Do you use it the next day?"

"Of course!"

And you see, this is where it becomes a little over the top...because what he informed me of is that every girl/woman on that boat replied that she throws her towels in the hamper. And when he suggested that they use a towel more than once...they (supposedly) gasped in horror! "Gross!" "DAAAADDDD! Yuck!"

So the basis of his rationale on this whole "women make things difficult for themsleves" thing culminates right here....

His wife is doing at least one load of towels every SINGLE DAY, in addition to the ridiculous amount of laundry she already has. And because his girls are into quite a few sports and extracurriculars, they take anywhere from one to three showers each day...and use 3 towels each time. He doesn't understand why they can't make things just a little easier and cut down on some laundry in the process. But hey, who is he to say?

I listened to this story, and really, truly could not think of one person I knew who might use three new towels for every bath/shower. He told me to take a survey and I would be suprised at the results....

SOOOO...How many towels do YOU use? And do you use them more than once???

I just HAVE to know....


Anonymous said...

Like mother, like daughter! I use one, hang it up to dry, and re-use at least once or twice more. Aren't we suposed to be clean after our shower/bath?!?!? I've washed enough towels in my "mother" role.


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya.....I also use only one towel & then hang it up to dry.

Jessie :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that I can proudly answer 1 towel - yes, I reuse it several times. And I consider myself high-maintenance, maybe I'm not so bad!

Anonymous said...

I see all the low-maintenance girls decided to respond, so I'll throw in a different answer. I use two, one smaller one to wrap my head and a regular one to dry off with. And I reuse them a couple times.
What is odd is that I just had this same conversation with a few friends not too long ago. Most of them claim they use two - same as me. But I do have one fancy-pants anal friend who refuses to wash her kitchen towels with her bath towels. I'm not sure what that is all about!

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