Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Seriously...do you see why I HAD to take this picture? As if baby feet aren't cute enough, then they have to go and make shoes like these. It CRACKS ME UP!

Noah's pudgy little feet are irresistable to me. I am always rubbing them, kissing them, giving them zerberts...they are too darn cute! They are right up there with his little ears, pinchable little bum, and big round cheeks....

Heck, every part of Noah is just KISSALICIOUS!

I am addicted to my little boy...and he feels the same about me. Everyone in the room ceases to exist the minute I walk in. Some days it's a total boost...and just what I need. And some days I can't even get two steps in the door without him hanging on my legs so I can't move. But no matter what, I cannot resist. The boy is one fantastic cuddlin' machine. He can give a bear hug like nobody's business...and on evenings like tonight (when I get home after he is already in bed), that is what I miss...and can't wait for...

My first hug of the morning. Posted by Picasa

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