Friday, June 23, 2006


Have you ever done something so stupid you just can't believe you did it? It just swims around in your stomach and just makes you sick that you could do something so DUMB?

Well, here is my big dumb OOOPS for the year. I don't even want to go into how it happened...let's just say I played chicken with a big yellow cement post and the post won.

I KNOW it could be worse.

I KNOW it's just a car.

I KNOW that's what insurance is for.

I KNOW that the most important thing is that I'm ok.

But I am still mad at myself...and wishing I could rewind yesterday and have a do-over.

As if the yucky weather weren't enough....


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Anonymous said...

Bummer, I have one of those per year too. Last time, I was sitting at a red light about 10 cars back. The light turned green and I (being in perpetual "hurry" mode) hit the gas. No one else did. The fun never stops...

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