Sunday, June 11, 2006


I feel the need to post tonight, yet I am struggling with finding something to say! We had a nice weekend...we were invited to our neighbors' house for a cookout on Friday night, and then on Saturday, I had to take Kendall to get her hair cut and we ran about 35 errands (ok, I may be exaggerating just a bit there...but it WAS a lot!), and then we went out to lunch at First Watch. It was a nice day out for just us girls. Of course once we got home, there was much to be done! Barry is trying to get our chicken coop finished so we can move our chicks in! They have already hatched and are currently living at the neighbors' house, but Kendall is dying for them to live in our coop!

THEN...I was giving Noah a bath on Saturday night and I kept hearing this beeping noise. Barry and I at first thought it was coming from the movie that Kendall was watching...but alas, NO.


So, being a Saturday night, nothing was open, and being that the next day was Sunday, that was even worse! Thank God my uncle Rick was home. So Barry had to jump in the car and drive 1.5 hrs to go get parts and a crash course on how to rewire and replace the blasted thing. Then 1.5 hrs home...he got home at 11:30 pm, and I was already in bed. So much for Saturday evening!

That fiasco spilled into Sunday, of course, since Barry had to get moving first thing in the morning and get it fixed...since we all thought it might be nice to have our morning trips to the bathroom actually end with toilets that were able to be flushed! Also, because we were taking the kids to get their pictures taken at 2:00, and believe me, they needed bathed! As it was, he finished up right before my panic started to set in. We all got showers and headed to Tuttle Crossing to do the photo shoot...

Noah did NOT feel like cooperating. There was no sitting. There was no smiling. There was not even any looking at the lady who was taking the pictures. Somehow she managed to get a few shots, but they are not so hot. Kendall did fine...she loves having her picture taken. Of course, that ends up being a 3 hour ordeal by the time you take the pictures, wait for them to be downloaded, and pick them all out....UGH. We were hungry! SO.....

Off to Whole Foods! Ah, my temple! I can spend hours AND a fortune in there. Kendall loves to go just so she can partake of the many samples...and don't get me wrong, the rest of us did too! YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY! We decided to eat there for dinner, and it was delectable! Kendall had some stone-fired pizza, and Barry and I split a meal of salmon, marinated green beans and homestyle mashed potatoes...mmmmmm. If you haven't been to Whole Foods yet, I highly recommend it! WITHOUT A DOUBT!

The rest of the evening was just spent finishing up a few things. I picked up the house and cleaned up the kitchen...and Barry did some mowing down the lane and (finally...yippee!) put the rest of the crown moulding up around the top of the last two cabinets and put on the last set of handles. And that, folks, is what made my weekend complete! Sad, but true. I've been wanting that to be finished for quite a while, and NOW IT IS. HURRAY!

Well, if you've made it this far, I commend you.

I can admit that this is probably my least interesting post ever...but I felt like I had to say SOMETHING! Can't have you wondering what the heck happened to me now, can I?

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Anonymous said...

Just glad to hear that not every day is filled with sunshine in your perfect little life! Ha!

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