Monday, July 17, 2006

A Bit of Randomness

Just a couple of random thoughts and pictures for today...

This first picture is of yet another of Kendall's captures. Have you ever seen a dragonfly? Those things are quick! I don't know how she does it, but she catches them like crazy! She has caught quite a few different colored ones, and many different sizes, but this is one of the biggest...and boy, was she proud of it! After she studies them for a bit, she lets them go...and I'm betting they are pretty happy about that.

This next picture was taken during the final steps of finishing the chicken coop. Kendall suited up and got out there to help her Daddy paint. We picked red with white trim, just like a little barn. (I did the trim!) The painting didn't last long for just wasn't exciting enough, I guess. But her intentions were good, and sometimes that's all you can ask for!

Picture #3 comes to us courtesy of out favorite babysitter Susanna. She and Kendall are always busy doing some kind of art or craft. When I came home Thursday, this was what I came home to. They decided to make a bunny costume for Kendall...just in case she might decide to be a bunny for halloween. I won't hold my breath. I'm sure she'll change her mind a million times before then! But didn't they do a great job anyway? Susanna is awesome, and quite the artist. And she has really awakened the creative side of Kendall this summer... We will really miss her when she heads off to college this fall!

And last, but not least...

This is one thing that everyone should get to see at least once every summer. There are few things as peaceful as a hot air balloon gliding effortlessly in the sky. This one floated right over our house. Things are pretty open around us, so we sat outside and watched it for quite a long time. It was so relaxing! Kendall is all geeked up to ride a hot air balloon now...I think that will become one of her major conquests! and why not? I'd like to go too!

Not much more to report really. We've just
been hanging around the house getting things done and keeping busy with swimming and gymnastics. Oh yeah, Vacation Bible School is this week too. Kendall LOVES that! Their theme this year is "FIESTA! Where kids are fired up about God". And I'm tellin' you what.... when I get there to pick her up in the evening, they are having a big party! Music, singing, dancing, maracas, name it, they've got it! It looks like so much fun...I hope that my schedule permits me to help with it next year!

Noah is up to all the same capers as usual. He has two more teeth, and is chewing on his hands incessantly, so I think we may have a few more coming. He also chases bugs, just like his older sister. Except he eats the bugs when he catches them, so I have to watch him like crazy! He is so quick, he has caught a few wasps (which freaks me out beyond words...) He is obsessed with the dishwasher, and has figured out how to open it, even when it is latched. And believe me, he doesn't just open it once! That little stinker. If he weren't so cute....


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Anonymous said...

Little Kendall is very bug friendly. It's amazing how she just loves any and all creates. She's going to love VBS. Riley had the same theme and the songs are stuck in my head.

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