Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Just A Tiny Little Thing

Is that the tiniest little frog you've ever seen, or what? Kendall found that little frog today while we were out working on the chicken coop. I swear, that girl can find ANYTHING. She is amazing...and not afraid of much! If it moves and catches her eye, she is after it...and won't stop chasing until she gets it!

This little tree frog is sitting on her thumb in this picture, so you can only imagine how small he actually is. Thank goodness she didn't have a problem letting him go...it was almost bedtime, and we thought she may have a meltdown when we told her he needed to go home to his family. But no, she was cool with that....and so off he went, only to be found again another day!

So Happy 4th of July everyone...and here's hoping that you all find a small treasure today, just like Kendall!

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