Thursday, July 20, 2006


Yes, my friends, today is the day. The day that our place actually becomes some sort of farm. You see, last night after the kids were soundly in bed, Barry headed over to the neighbors' house to pick up our chickens. After we carefully put them to roost in the coop, we laid in bed talking about the best way to suprise Kendall and Noah in the morning. As it turned out, I actually had to tell Kendall so that she would get her little butt out of bed and we could let them out of the coop and feed them. Boy, did she fly out of her bed when I said it was time to get up and feed the chickens!

So we went out and pulled up the trap door, ever so slowly, so as not to freak them out. They were anxious for their feed, but had no interest in coming out of the coop. Finally, I convinced Kendall that if we went inside, they would come out on their own. They did, and now she is back out there, chasing them all over their pen. Poor chickens. If they're smart, they'll just warm up quick! Otherwise, these two will pester them to death! She is not going to leave them alone until she catches one.

Oh My Goodness, she JUST DID! As I sit here typing, she has caught one of the chickens!b

So now, we are in the process of naming them! Kendall has decided that one must be named Pixie, to which I replied that we must then name 2 others Dixie and Trixie. We have decided to name our rooster Elvis, since he WAS the King and all.... (more updates on names later!)

So Kendall and Noah chased those chickens for quite a while...and let me tell you, Noah is NOT afraid of them. In fact, he chases them as aggressively as Kendall! So here are a few pictures of this morning's foray into the chicken pen...Enjoy!

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Bonnie Henry said...

How cute are these kids chasing chickens!!! I grew up on a farm and remember how much fun it was to go out each morning and retreive eggs from the hen house. I do remember how gross it was to squish chicken poo between my toes...yuck!
Bonnie H

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