Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fun in the sun!

On Wednesday, Kendall's friend Adam came for a sleepover. They had been planning this thing for 6 months or so, and it was time for it to happen!

Kendall has been begging to go to the pool in London all summer, but it just isn't realistic to take both kids by myself. Noah definitely needs all of my attention, and Kendall would want to be in the big pool, commanding all of my attention as well....all the while with 100 kids running around everywhere. I wasn't taking that chance with yet another child along! I decided to suprise them with a little trip to the Dublin splash park...none of the kids had been there before, so they were VERY suprised! It was really fun! Best of all, kids (and parents) of all ages can play together in the SAME area....and that folks, is what sold me!

They about lost their minds when they saw the park! I thought Kendall and Adam just may very well pee their pants on the walk up there. It took Noah a few minutes to warm up and get the hang of things, but then he was a maniac! He kept sitting down on the fountains, and trying to grab the water from the vertical was hysterical! And the whole time he was squealing!

Kendall and Adam took off to play in the waterfall, and find some other kids to play with. After an hour or so, the kids needed a we headed to the towels and sat down for a rest. After that, they decided they were done playing in the water and a decision was unanimously made to go home and have ice cream. That decision got no resistance from me!

So here are a few pictures from our fun day for you to enjoy....don't you just remember how fun it was to play in the water all summer when you were a kid? AHHHHH....summer!

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Donna K. said...

Hi Jenny, I am enjoying your blog. I hope I will know how to get this through to you. Dang it. I don't understand what to do. As usual. I got some magazines about chickens and all sort of animals. Just remind me when you come so I can give them to you. Love Grandma

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