Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thank you, Summer!

Today I was sitting on the front porch eating some yummy and refreshing Breyer's peach ice cream with the kids, and I was thinking...."What a beautiful day. What a perfect moment." And I realized, as I do more and more frequently as I get older, I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. And so tonight I am taking a moment to make a list and share all of the things that I love about summer. So sit back and enjoy...and maybe even close your eyes, smile a little, and think of the things YOU are thankful for this summer!


Sunshine early in the morning AND late at night.

The kids' sunkissed cheeks and freckles on Kendall's nose.

Watching the kids run through the sprinkler and thinking "Maybe I'll go put on my suit and play too!"

The extremely loud (yes, LOUD) sounds of the country after the sun goes down. Some nights it's louder than it was in our old development! Crickets, bullfrogs, coyotes, birds, name it, we hear it!

Barry's farmer tan...and sunburned neck.

Mowing the grass... and especially what it looks like when it's all finished.

All the bouquets of "flowers" that Kendall picks for me every day.

Random fireworks

The smells of summer...people grilling out, fresh cut grass, wildflowers, the fresh dew in the early morning, tomato plants, chlorine in the kids' hair, sunblock on their skin, and even (although I know it sounds yucky...) the smell of Barry after he's been outside working all day!

Lots of grilled foods!

Noah in his Spiderman swim diaper

Bonfires/campfires...and s'mores!

Vacations...enough said!

Floating on the lake on Mom & Joe's boat, having lunch or dinner at Sunnyside, and of course, pretzels and Farmer's cheese (that's all you, Sue!) for snacks.

Fresh lemonade... especially with a little Bacardi Limon and frozen strawberries!

Frozen grapes (that's just for you're going to turn into one big grape sometime soon!)

Lush, full, colorful landscaping

Evening walks

Cookouts with friends

Chirping crickets

My porch swing and rockers....ahhhh!

Having dinner out...and being able to eat outside

Shorts, strappy tanks, and flipflops

Thank God for sunblock!

My summer "do"

Going to the zoo

Hanging clothes on the line...there is really nothing like that smell, especially on your sheets!

Having a little color on my so-very-fair skin

Fishing in our's the best!

Ice cold beer

All of the fresh veggies from our garden...tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, beans...yum!

Sitting on the porch with Barry, not needing to say a word.

Outdoor concerts with friends

Seeing people cruise around in their convertibles and on their motorcycles

The kids' dirty little feet and sweaty little bodies, tired from playing in the sun...needing, yes, NEEDING, popsicles!

Biking, if we ever get a cool enough evening again!

Finding the perfect skipping stone

Fireflies! They are amazing out here. You really must see it to believe it!

And the number one thing I love about summer.....yep, you guessed it...



Sheri said...

Frozen grapes ARE number one in the summer, but I DID just expose 2 people to Graeters ice cream yesterday. Two people who had seen it in the store and had been thinking it was too expensive, BUT NOW THEY ARE BELIEVERS!I am sure they will become Graeter snobs in no time at all!
I of course agree with your love of summer - may it last all year long!

Anonymous said...

Summer is fantastic, and ice cream is, of course, a wonderful summer treat (in fact, Riley and I just came home with Breyers vanilla). But, who says ice cream is just for summer. Certainly not I - nor Riley. So, the wonderful thing about summer is the fact that fall is just around the corner.....the cool sweatshirt nights, vibrant fall foilage, bonfires, and of course, BUCKEYE football. Mix in a little of that Graeter's Blackberry Chip (or just about any flavor) and you have another fantastic season in Ohio.

The Thobes

Jen Kuck said...

How right you are, Thobe. Can't agree more!

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