Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Few Pics of the Weekend

Finally! I have found the time to post some pictures of the holiday weekend! We had a little bit of everything going on, so this is just a few images for ya!

On Friday evening, Chad and Riley came for a visit. Beth was coming in on Saturday morning to meet up with them for an overnight stay in Columbus, and they decided to stop at our house on Friday to let the girls get in some fun time. Those girls were having a BLAST! They played dress-up, and put on a show for us. The picture above is from the show. It was about Cinderella and Wanda the Witch. Very good show, I must say. And Kendall even played a little "banjo" for us...(yes, Chad, I know you are cracking up right now!) Then, as you see in the pictures, I donned Kendall's Surgeon gear to take care of all Chad's ailments...(I seriously don't know what I was thinking there..... ;-)

Then on Saturday morning after I was done working, we headed to my Aunt Penny and Uncle Rick's for a cookout. My uncle Greg was in from New York City, so everyone was there to visit.

Once the kids were all hot, sweaty, and tired out, we headed to Mom's to get them bathed and into bed. EXCEPT....Kendall saw Mom and Joe's little pool set up out back and she just had to have a swim before her bath. So that is exactly what she did. Then, of course, not wanting to miss out on a visit with the kids, Papa Joe came home and jumped in the pool with her. And that was basically how the whole next afternoon went...Jessie, Joe, Kendall and Noah in the pool. I was more than content to just sit in the sun and read a magazine, and Barry actually got to take a nap! Noah had NOT slept well the night before, so we were all a bit tired!

Then on Saturday night, we were off to Gary and Luanne's for a cookout. The kids played like crazy, and it was really nice to visit with everyone. Since Noah had not slept well (at all!) the night before, we decided to just go back home instead of to Mom & Joe's. We rushed out of there just in time to miss a storm rivaling the one in the Wizard of Oz...and made it home to put the tired kiddos to bed.

The rest of the weekend we just ran errands, worked around the house and RESTED. It was so nice to lay around and be lazy for once! We let Kendall do some sparklers and poppers for the 4th....and of course, she thought that was totally cool! And then to wrap it all up, Barry and I sat down and watched Deuce Bigalow:European Gigolo for some laughs before we had to go back to work on Wednesday.

And that's it folks! Although I do have another set of pics to share for next time I post! Until then... CIAO!

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