Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So there I was, sleeping deeply...and more importantly COMFORTABLY, which is the important thing here. Our new mattress came today, and it is AWESOME! But anyway, I was sleeping so well, and then, at 1:41 am I heard footsteps. It was my daughter. She was crawling into bed with us.

"Hey, Kendall-bug...what are you doing?"

"I can't sleep. I'm grumpy." (She says, in a whiny voice...which is not something a person likes to hear at 1:41 am)

"Well, let's get you back into bed..."

"I. Don't. Want. TO!!! I can't get comfortable! I can't sleep! I have a headache!" The whining has now elevated to a louder, closely related cousin to frustrated ranting. So I take her upstairs, complaining the whole way, tuck her back into bed, and lay down with her. She is asleep within minutes.

Now, here I am at 2:31 am, wide awake. Hot. A million thoughts running through my head. Did I remember to water the chickens today? I hope they're not out there dying of dehydration. I need to pick up chicken feed tomorrow...we're out. Why do I feel so anxious about this upcoming trip? Should I keep the Pocket PC? I had to do a soft reset like 5 times today because it kept locking up and the battery seems to not be able to make it through the day...both issues concern me. Why is the dog starting that barking thing again when we crate him for the night? I need to start working out when we get back from San Diego...seriously. Enough is enough. Don't forget to put Heather's birthday card in the mail! And Kendall's soccer registration! And pay the bills before we leave...

NUTS. I really just want to go back to bed. But sleep evades me. And the more pissed off I get about it, the longer I will be awake, so I'd just better relax. Time for some of that deep, relaxing breathing to try to clear my head. Terri, I am sooooo with you, girl! Is it a full moon or something?


Reggie said...

This works for me when I wake up at 2:30 AM

If I start thinking about the future, any future like what I am going to do today, next week, whatever, then my brain will keep me awake.

If I think about what I have actually done in the past, then my brain will let me drift off to sleep.

It takes more energy for me to analyze the future than to replay the past, so my brain keeps me awake.

Think of something you actually did and recall it in real time detail. It can be as mundane as feeding and watering the chickens. This will put you brain at ease and you can drift back off.

This works for me.

I wish I had chickens; Gigi won’t let me get any. Do yours run free or do you have a coop? I love fresh eggs…nothing like them in the store.

Kuckie said...

Thanks for the advice, Reggie. I'll try it!

Get some chickens! They are super easy, inexpensive, kept the bugs down,and the eggs are can Gigi argue with that? ;0)

Ours ran free all last year, but now they are kept cooped up in the coop! We have a neighbor dog who has developed a penchant for "playing" with the chickens and killing them. Hopefully we will be able to let them free-range again soon....


I wake up every morning at about 2.30 now that I am pregnant.

Kuckie said...

Well, Snowman...then the next time I am up, I will log on and find you out there in the blogosphere! I'm sure we'd have some interesting conversations at that hour! :0)

Logziella said...

I am the same way...once I am completely awake, there's no going back to sleep!

But in fear of waking up even more, I usually just lay in bed HOPING to fall back to sleep.

Then after 2-3 hours of that, I am just plain mad that I could have gotten up and accomplished something or maybe even scrapbooked!

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