Friday, August 10, 2007

Technologically challenged...

So it was time to renew our contract at Verizon.

Barry had been trying to convince me to upgrade to a cell-phone/pda all-in-one thingy. And yes, that IS a technical term...

We had gone looking in May, but decided to wait until his contract was up in August so that we could get a better discount on my phone, since it would be the more expensive unit. Of course, when the time came, I had to make the dreaded trip myself, as he was working. This place is completely overwhelming! And it shouldn't be, really! I mean, I worked there before I became a massage therapist! But anyway, things have certainly changed since then (13 years ago)! First of all, I had to wait an hour just to see the customer rep. Then it took another hour to get me all set up and ready to go. As I was waiting, I was checking out all the options, trying to decide what would work for me...there are so many! And they are all so different! I didn't even know what some of the options were! I had to ask sooooo many questions, and then still ended up getting Barry on the phone to help me out some. AArrrrgh!

How depressing! There was a time in my life when I was not technologically challenged at all...I loved the gadgets and knew, at least in a general sense, what they did and why. Now, ah...well, not so much.

So Barry decided that I should go with the Pocket PC. I was leaning toward the Treo 700, mostly because it operates just like my Tungsten E...and there would be virtually no learning curve. How easy would that be? But no. Apparently, Palm is going to be getting out of the business here soon. AND, Barry thought it would be a good idea for me to have windows programs such as Excel on my pda. I'm no dummy...I know this is a subtle hint that he would like me to track my expenses as I go along instead of sitting down to do them every 6-8 months or so... (oh, how I dread those days!)

So I took his advice as well as the customer rep's. They both gave a nod to the Pocket PC. Now let me tell you that this thing is a pretty nifty little device! I'm just having a bit of trouble getting around right now. It's set up very differently than my Tungsten and looks a LOT different. I feel so challenged! So I spent some time yesterday keying in all of my upcoming appointments to try to get a feel for it. Yeah, that's a beautiful thing...since they don't use the same operating system, I can't just sync them up...I have to re-enter the appointments. UGH. But it WILL help me get used to using it, I guess. I'm giving it my best effort!

I feel so OLD.
And behind the times.
What happened to the young, hip, up-to-the-minute Jen?

She has left the building, apparently.


Logziella said...

I am with you on this one girl...except I know even LESS!! I don't like cell phones...or should I say how some people use them. I only carry a prepaid one for emergencies and it only cost me about $100/year. I would be intimidated too. :0)

Kuckie said...

I wish I could say the same, but mine functions as my business phone, rolodex, and now, keeper of my income and expense records. I'll get better...I just have to practice a little!


I love verizon. I have to my cell phone. I feel so naked without it

Mary Helen said...

I feel old every time one of my younger friends sends me a text message. I don't even pay to have text messaging on my phone. It takes me a really long time to type one.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

People that know me know that I am as deep as a teaspoon! I can so relate to your frustrations.


terri said...

I can barely manage my LG. It's time for an upgrade and I'm seriously considering taking a new phone, giving it to my son, and keeping the one I have, since I know how to use it. I love technology, but the cell phone is just one area I don't get too wrapped up in.

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