Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Friends, Fun & Sun

So I'm a little late getting to this post, but I've been a bit busy! Anyway, here it is.

On Monday, my friend Deetra called to see if Kendall could come over to play with Shea and Abby. SURE!! No problem! I told her I'd drop her off after we got back from swim lessons. Luckily for me, that would also be Noah's naptime, as he typically falls asleep on the way home. OMG, a bit of "me-time"...what a concept! So I told Kendall about it, and she was SUPER excited. As we headed off to swimming, my phone rang, and it was my good friend Heather, who lives about an hour away. She wanted to come on over so we could chat and the kids could play. Keep in mind, that this is usually a monthly thing, with us taking turns hosting, but this summer has been so busy it's been damn near impossible! So, I didn't want to turn down this chance. I called Deetra and asked if she would mind at all if they came over here instead and that way we adults could sit and talk and the kids could do the sprinkler, catch bugs, dress-up, whatever. She said that was no problem, so we were all set.

The kids were wild, and I mean WILD! The girls were screaming as loud and ear-piercing as they could in an effort to "break Ethan's ears". I think it broke mine instead. They ran through the sprinkler (check out Kendall's rain boots with the bikini in the top picture...that's HIGH FASHION there, boy!), and much to my chagrin, my daughter picked up the sprinkler and ran toward the moms, getting them all wet, as well as the table, towels and all the snacks. She, and the other kids of course, thought this was HILARIOUS.

We did not.

Then it turned into an all-out party when Jodi showed up with the boys and Noah got up from his nap. Now we had all kinds of activities going on...trucks, dress-up, still some screaming, hide and seek....and somehow we moms turned out to be the only ones outside! How did THAT happen? I mean, it was darn near 90 outside and here we are like a bunch of fools sitting out there sweating while the kids are inside, playing like crazy in the air conditioning. How's that for Mommy-brain?

Nevertheless, it was a really fun day...and one that just came together on the spur of the moment. Isn't that how it always is?


Kate said...

best kind of fun - completely spontaneous. right now i'm about ready to pull out the sprinkler and rain boots - it's expected to be 95+ here in Chicago.

Logziella said...

This is the way me and all of my friends were in Oklahoma...spontanious and always was wonderful! Now, unfortunately we are all spread out across the world! *sniff sniff*

Kuckie said...

Kate - good luck with the rain boots...Kendall kept having to dump hers out!

Logziella - I know. We haven't had this since we moved here 3 years ago and knew not a soul in this town. It's so awesome now to have friends that are right around the corner and have young kids too. I am finally feeling at home!

terri said...

I miss days like that. Now the kids go off and do their own things. We are taking a long weekend with friends at their cabin this weekend and it'll be somewhat like old times... kids and adults all together for a few days.


wow sounds fun.

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