Monday, August 20, 2007

San Diego Rocks!

So we made it here all in one piece...

We left Friday morning for the airport at 7:00 am, right on schedule. Half a mile from our house, we hit a deer...and boy, did we hit it good. It ran right out in front of us, and there was no way to miss it. So, after a minute to breathe, we got out and looked at the damage. The entire front end of my Odyssey was bashed in. CRAP. It took us a minute to regain composure and then, after a call to the sheriff's office to make sure there was nothing we had to do, we drove back to the house, unloaded all of our luggage and then reloaded it into the car, and headed off to the airport AGAIN. This time we made it, albeit a bit flustered.

The flight was, shall I put it? Nerve-racking. Frustrating. 4 hours of hell.

Noah sat in his seat entertained for all of 40 minutes. Then he screamed until we unbuckled him from his car seat. Then he screamed "Diaper Change!!!!" over and over (even though he was clean) because he wanted to go play in the bathroom. Every time we tried to get him to sit in his seat, he started screaming. Nothing in my bag of tricks was working, much to my chagrin. Not the movies.

Not the matchbox cars.

Not the viewmaster and new Mickey Mouse reels.

Not the books....


And all of this we found out in the first 40 minutes. UGH!!! Yes, ladies and gents...we were THOSE people on the plane. The people that everyone else on the plane hates. And I was stressed beyone belief! At one point I thought I would cry.

And then we did something we said we'd never do. We caved. We gave him at a time, for the rest of the flight. This kept him in his seat, and more importantly...QUIET. Yeah, we knew he would be all sugared up and suffer a major crash, but what else could we do? We gave in and caved to the pressure of the dirty looks from other passengers. We caved to the demands of a two year old boy. Our nerves were shot, and we did what we had to do. So of course, when we got to the airport, he fell asleep while I was holding him in baggage claim...and proceeded to sleep for the next 2 hours. Yippee! We just wish he would have slept on the plane instead!!! Little BOOGER!!! So all was well once we got here and got settled...

EXCEPT...remember that little thing called the 3-hour time difference between home and San Diego??? Yeah...well our little guy thought he should get up at 4:30 am San Diego time the next morning. It really made for a long day! We've made it through the rough spots and now we are having fun! Lots of hanging by the pool, playing, eating, drinking a bit of wine, going to the beach, and tomorrow is the zoo and another trip to the beach in Del Mar. Then we are going to hit Disneyland on Wednesday...I can't wait!

So here are a few pictures of our trip so far...enjoy!

I'll try to update after Disney...sure to have lots of good pics from that!


countrymouse said...

Great photos! And it's not caving, it's creatively editing your parenting style as the siutation demands : ) The candy episode will not matter in the long run : )

Kuckie said...

Thanks for the support, Kristin. That is a great way to put it! Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do... ;o)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Aahh Youth! Everything is a circle. I bet you did that to your parents in some way shape or form. I know I did. And yes, with my two on extended trips, I get similar behavior.

Have fun on your sounds like even though you have bumps along the way, things are good!


Logziella said...

Ah yah...I have had to "cave" before too and also due to the dirty looks from judgemental people who probably never had kids! So sorry it went that way...I can relate! But I am glad you are enjoying yourself now! Go and HAVE FUN!! and tell us all about it! Be safe! :0)


I would be quiet for some smarties. I love those.

Mary Helen said...

I love reading your stories about Noah because my son Ben is 2 also, and many times they sound quite a bit alike. I know the stressed and helpless feeling you get when you are in a situation where you can't do anything differently and other people are glaring. I call the Smarties smart parenting under pressure, not a cave-in! I'm glad your vacation is going well. I liked the zoo photos.

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