Wednesday, August 15, 2007

End of the day...

The suitcases are packed...pretty much. Except for last minute stuff and of course, darling hubby's. And he can do his himself!

The laundry is finished. All of it!

All of my phone calls have been made, messages left, details finished up.

The camera and DVD player batteries are all charged and ready to go.

The dog's stuff is packed...he's leaving tomorrow for my Mom's.

The neighbors have been briefed on the cat's and chickens' needs.

All of the beds have fresh linens on them.

The kitchen is clean, for the most part. I have been weeding out the fridge all week, so there is no produce that will go bad while we're gone.

I have picked everything that is ready out of the garden...and now I will have to give it all away! Won't my clients that I'm seeing tomorrow be happy to see me with a bag of tomatoes freshly picked just for them???

And quite possibly the most exciting news of the night...Kendall is at a sleepover, Barry is playing poker with the guys, and Noah is in bed. I am going to sit on the couch and watch a little tv. Maybe even have a glass of wine or a beer. I think I've earned it!


Logziella said...

Sounds perfect! Enjoy your vacation and take lots of pictures so we can all feel like we went with you. :0)

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Man I am so Jealous. Your organization skills put me to shame. I usually come home from vacation to mayhem and chaos.


countrymouse said...

have a great vacation : )

Amy said...

Have fun in Sunny San Diego and at Disney. We love, love, love San Diego, so I am soooo jealous. We will miss you at Bunco. Call me when you get back so we can catch up!!!


Have a good vacation and beer

taking care of 5 said...

Oh, the wonderful feeling of having a freshly clean house to come home to. I love that feeling of walking back into my home after a long getaway and going "ahhh!"

Sounds like everything has been thought thru. Enjoy your trip!

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