Sunday, August 05, 2007

Now, back from our little break...

Well, it sure is nice to be back in the blogoshpere!

I don't know what happened there last week...I just didn't feel like blogging, and didn't really feel like I had anything to say. But now I am here, armed with the weekend rundown and some pictures to boot!

These first two pictures were taken on Wednesday. We had scheduled for the cement truck to come to fill Barry's post holes for the deck and I let it be a surprise for Noah. Kendall was at the State Fair with Deetra and Shea, so she missed it...but Noah was tickled pink! He kept saying "Big truck! Big GREEN truck!! Mama, BIG TRUCK!" I made him stay inside of course, but that was just as well. The truck was so big that Noah could stand in the big windows and have a great view straight inside the truck. Boy, was that kid excited! And so were we...because that means one more step toward the deck being finished!

The next picture is of Noah trying out his new "kid-sized" headphones in the car. He thought they were just great, and we were laughing as we listened to him singing the Bear in the Big Blue House theme was priceless!

And the last two are of Kendall with her latest love...Pup, her new little Webkinz. It's a little Chihuahua and really, it is pretty cute. Her Grandma Luanne got it for her this weekend. She thinks it is just the coolest thing ever. Have you seen these things? You buy one, adopt it on their website with a "secret code" and then you play games on the Webkinz site to earn "Kinz cash" to buy things for your pet, such as clothes, furnishings for their room, a backyard, a pool, and the like. And then you have to make sure you feed it, take care of it, and play with it so that it stays happy... because if it isn't happy, you have to take it to the vet's office. So that is basically what she did today...played games and purchased things for her little Pup. And I am happy to report that she is still happy and hasn't had to go to the vet yet! HA!

And get this...when you buy the Webkinz, it only gives you one year to play with it online. After that point, you have to pay to "renew" your membership. Holy crackamoly. Whatever happened to toys you just bought and that was the end of it??? Toys you could just play with forever?

Ah, well...I guess that's progress for ya!

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Anonymous said...

Holy crackamoly.....where do you get these?!

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