Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oh Deer!

Well, here it is. The damage that can be done by one "little" deer running out in front of you at 7:00 am. Shit. The insurance adjuster came while we were still on vacation and left a nice little package on the front seat. In it was the estimate for the tune of about $5,000.00. OUCH! And we're figuring that there will be more once it gets into the shop and they get it torn apart. So, it looks like I will be without my beloved Odyssey for a while. It usually takes a couple of weeks to get on the bodyshop schedule and then who knows how long it will need to be there? Last time it was in they had it for 3 weeks, and believe didn't look this bad!

But, there are always things to be thankful for. For one, no one was hurt (except the deer, who went flying over the top of the van)...secondly, the fact that we have 3 vehicles, so we don't have to rent a car. Also, we didn't miss our plane, the airbags did not deploy, and again...NO ONE WAS HURT. So there you go. Always find the positives!

So now we are back in the swing of things. Mom and my Grandma and Grandpa were here waiting with Scout when we got off the plane. This was awesome, because it meant I didn't have to get up and drive the 90 minutes (one way) to go get him on Saturday. Thanks Mom!!! We had pizza and then they took off and Barry and I got to work unpacking and getting the kiddos ready for bed.

Saturday was spent cleaning up. The grass needed mowing, the flowerbeds were covered with weeds and thistles, and the garden was out of control!!! More weeds than vegetables! So I got to work with all that stuff and Barry got work on his deck. I was able to finish the front yard and up one side of the driveway, and weed all the beds and garden. Boy, was I a sweaty mess! But it was done, and I felt good! Then today, I finished mowing the backyard, down the other side of the driveway, and out around the pond. That's 3 hours of riding that mower this weekend...UGH! But no, actually, I enjoy it!

And good news! Barry is making great headway on the deck...check it out!Can't wait until it's will be so nice! And for those of you who don't know, it won't just be that little section. It will go across the whole back of the house. This just shows the part he is working on now.

Have a good night, everyone!


countrymouse said...

Thank goodness nobody was hurt!!!

Hammer said...

Ouch! Poor car. Deer are so stupid.
glad everyone is ok.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Vacation looked great! Glad to see that Y'all had a great time! Yeah, your car looked like mine did when I hit a deer back in NH. And I was driving a Mazda Protege at the time.


Anonymous said...

I'm certainly glad that you are all home again safe and sound! Loved the pictures...cute as always!!!

Ms. Kathy

Logziella said...

Wow...that's way worse than I was picturing! SO glad everyone was O.K...did it freak the kiddos out?



terri said...

I'm sorry about your van... ouch!

The deck looks to be incredible! Your hubby is obviously a talented guy!

Kuckie said...

Countrymouse - I agree!

Hammer - I actually thought that same thing at the time...that deer was incredibly stupid!

Flyinfox - that must have been quite an experience in a Protege!

Ms. Kathy - can't wait to see you and catch up!

Logzie - no, they didn't! in fact Kendall didn't even realize what happened. She thought that we just stopped really fast and that the quick stop broke her Leapster! Well that would have been much cheaper to replace LOL!

Snowman - exactly!

Terri - He is...quite handy to have around! I'm pretty sure he can do anything!

Mary Helen said...

Sorry about the deer. My husband hit one a couple of years ago and it did about $4000 damage to our Toyota.

Kate said...

bummer - glad everyone is ok though.

the deck is going to look so nice - enjoy it!!!

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