Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today Scout and I started leash training. I know that may seem weird, being that he's a year old, but remember, we live on 18 acres...1/2 mile back from the road. He pretty much stays around here! However, I want to start walking on a regular basis and it would be perfect if Scout could go along with me. So, Scout got to ride along with me on my way to take Kendall to school and then we headed into town, parked at the park, put on the leash, and walked all over town.

Can I tell you again how awesome and smart my sweet pup is? By the end of our 40 minute walk, he had the "stop-sit" down and was even doing well with walking right beside me on a relaxed leash instead of pulling ahead. He was so good! AND, I didn't even have to use the "heel" command after about 15 minutes either! He would stay seated until I picked my foot up to walk, and then he'd get up and stick to my side! I was so proud! Thank you, Mom, for keeping me in 4-H dog obedience classes! That info is obviously paying off!

Good thing we got out early, though. Looks like rain is coming in...BOO!!! But it's ok. I am taking full advantage of the fact that I don't have to work until 4:15 today and I am going to do a bit of painting...great room today. And yes, that's another tease for Logzie!!! LOL!

Have a good day, everyone!


kc said...

What a good boy!!! Way to go Scout!

Logziella said...

He just looks smart if you ask me...that didnt' sound right...I mean that I can tell he's smart by looking at his pictures...he has that look of an intelligent dog!

And YES...that is a tease!!!! I can't wait!!!

California Girl said...

Way cool! How nice it will be to walk with him. What a good 'mom' you are to him and he minds so well. Way to go!


The way I trained shaggy to walk on a leash was took him to a new place like the park and the only way he could walk was on it. He picked up quick. Before that he would just lay donw.

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