Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh, there's always work to do!

There's never a dull weekend around here, no sireee! This weekend, I had to work on Saturday, but we didn't let that deter us from all the work that needed to be done. Noah and I started the mowing on Friday evening, and finished on Saturday evening. With that out of the way, first and foremost in our minds was installing an invisible fence for our sweet pup. Although he is good about staying on our property for the most part, one of our neighbors behind us decided to pull out our farm fence between our property and their back yard. Not good. See, although we live on 18 acres, the people behind us are part of a lake community. Scout does NOT need to be running around there. He is not used to watching for cars, and besides, he needs to be home...on our property. So, the invisible fence was a must. Now, keep in mind, we will still be replacing the farm fence, of course...because it needs to be there. And also because Barry would really like to get some livestock in the somewhat near future. So, anyway...back to the invisible fence. We installed the transmitter unit and laid out the wire. We gave him a huge area encompassing the front yard and most of the back, but we opted not to give him free access to the pond. It really sucks when he runs out and jumps in the pond just to cool off and then comes straight to the house thinking he should just be able to come on in and lounge around, all soaking wet. I DON'T THINK SO! So, no pond access without permission...LOL!!! Hopefully we'll get the wire buried tonight or soon this week and start the training process.

Next up was the step Barry needed to build at the bottom of the deck stairs. When we built the deck last summer, the one set of stairs was one step too short, because we wanted to do something decorative on that side. We just weren't sure what. So, Barry built this nice platform step at the bottom and we will lay a row or two of pavers around it ...isn't it nice?? He's so darn handy! (ignore my unstained rails...I'm getting to them soon!)I made my way around the house, putting Preen down in the flowerbeds to try to cut down on all the weeds...gotta get after 'em early or they take over!!Since the weather was so nice, I had that washer running all day...washing all of the bedding in the house and hanging it on the line. Any of you that were reading my blog last summer know how much I L.O.V.E my clothesline!!! Hopefully my dryer won't have to run any more until next fall! I also went through Noah's drawers and pulled out all of his out of season clothes and filled them up with his summer clothes. Kendall's drawers are on the agenda for this week.

Oh yeah, and I sold our dog kennel on Craig's List for $90! I was totally excited! Plus, that offsets the charge for the invisible fence! Woo HOO!!!Of course, there has to be playtime as well...And we made some time for fishing...

Shoot, we were so tired last night, I think Barry and I were asleep before our heads hit the pillow! Now, if we can just get the new faucet installed tonight....and maybe hang some T and G...and who knows what else???


terri said...

How DO you squeeze it all in? You had an extremely productive weekend and I'm impressed that you managed to find some playtime in the midst of it all. (Oh, and thanks for the tip about "Preen." I've never heard of it but am in desperate need of something for my gardens.)

kc said...

Wow, what a wonderful weekend! You got so much accomplished!

Preen? I've never heard of it. I guess it works good? Any tips for getting rid of Fire Ants? or do ya'll even have these little monsters up there?

Yea for fishing!!! Now I want to go too! haha :)

Kuckie said...

Girls, I had never heard of Preen either, until last year. It keeps the weeds from germinating, so you have to get it down early...or it won't stop them. And it won't kill the existing weeds...but it works really well. I had significantly less weeds last year! Good luck!

KC - No tips for fire ants...sorry! We do have them, but probably not like you do!

Kiki said...

KC, Grits...sprinkle grits on the ant hill plus its organic!

Kuckie, Wow!!! You were super busy, and I feel very lazy now!!! What would you raise on your acreage??? I am so completely mesmerized by everything you guys have going on there!!!!

jenelle said...

wow, I'm tired for you. Everything looks fantastic. What kind of fish do you have? Do you stock the lake or is it natural?

Evil Lunch Lady said...

Wow, just wow!! Can I have some of your energy??

Kuckie said...

Kiki - Barry would like to raise some steers, but Kendall and I would like some horses. The only problem with that is ALL THE WORK. I have enough to do around here as it is...and until I am rich enough to hire a hot stable boy, there will be no horses!

Jenelle - The pond is stocked with bluegill and bass. We stocked it the first summer after it was dug, so 4 years ago. The fish are a really nice size now.

Evil - I can't spare any!!! LOL!!

Logziella said... never cease to amaze me!! Seriously...a job do you find the time to even blog? You are simply amazing and when I grow up I want to be like YOU!!! :0)

Kuckie said...

Logzie - How funny you should say that...I think the same thing about you! LOL!

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