Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Meme

Everyone's doing it, so I HAVE to, right? Clearly, turning 37 has not made dealing with peer pressure any easier!! LOL! So, here we go...

I'm not posting the rules because I'm a rebel like that...HA!

Six unimportant, random and utterly boring things about me:

1.) I LOVE to get the mail...always have! I cannot wait for the mail to come...seriously! If Barry comes home before me and doesn't pick up the mail, I am hugely disappointed. I don't know why, but you just never know what someone might send you!! Yes, I'm a dork.

2.) I will eat (AND like!) almost any food. The few that I cannot tolerate in any way, shape, or form are cooked carrots (raw are fine), beets, melons such as canteloupe or honeydew, and sweet potatoes. And I am not a fan of tofu either. Everything else is A-OK!!! Even if I don't like it, I can get it down. These previously mentioned foods make me GAG!!! Isn't it funny that they are all considered "sweet"? Don't you think with my sweet tooth, I would be all over them? But alas, no.

3.) In my life before massage therapy, I used to work for Enron. And yes, I got out before the collapse!

4.) I don't really enjoy shopping. I will put it off forever until all of my clothes are outdated or shabby looking...and I will always pick going home over going to the mall. Although, I do get the urge about once a year...and then it's fun! Grocery shopping is different though...I LOVE that!

5.) I am a homebody. I used to be out and about, always doing something and up for anything. But now, I have a home I LOVE, and all I want to do is be here. I guess that's ONE reason these ridiculous gas prices are ok. It gives me an excuse to stay home and work in my flowerbeds and garden, paint the house, do the laundry, organize, and oh with the monkeys!!!! LOL!

4.) I am a stickler for spelling. Always have been, probably always will be. It drives me CRAZY when people can't spell basic everyday words, and don't even care! I just think one of the most important things we can learn is our own language, for Pete's sake! It's important, people! It's just my opinion that not caring enough to learn how to spell makes you look ignorant. It doesn't matter how intelligent the message you are trying to communicate is...if you can't spell the words, people will see you as ignorant and uneducated. And you know what really drives me over the edge? When I see misspellings on billboards, advertisements, or the signs at fast-food restaurants and such. Oh, does that just get my panties in a twist! (And no, I'm not talking about obvious typos and things like that!) Ok, ok, I'm done now. I promise. The soap box is back in the closet.

5.) I don't like it when my dog, or any other dog for that matter, licks my face. I love him...I surely do. But I don't want him licking my face after he just drank out of the toilet or licked his own butt. YUCK. Same goes for the cat.

6.) I don't like confrontation. I will avoid it at all costs. But, if pushed too far...I will push back, and it won't be pretty. And I'll wind up regretting everything I said. I hate that.

That's it folks...nothing too interesting here! Have a sunny day!


MissGotWings said...

wow - we're a lot alike :) Well, everything expect for the Enron.

It's good to know someone out there will opt for home over the mall. I despise clothes shopping. Give me a catalog or the internet, and fine. But no walking through stores for hours only to be frustrated.

terri said...

I find it funny that you look forward to picking up the mail. Around here, a couple of days can go by before someone might ask if any of the rest of us has picked up the mail. I guess because it's usually just junk and bills, I don't look forward to getting it.

Logziella said...

I'm with you entirely on your #4!!! I can't stand it when there is a formal advertisement or magazine or whatever that has mis spelled words!!! Now...I know that I don't always spell everything correctly...and that's okay :0)...but companies who paid for that advertising and the image?? That's bad...and irritating!

kenady said...

You completely crack me up:) I don't enjoy clothes shopping either... I guess because I shop for other people for a living. But I thoroughly enjoy grocery shopping! I keep a pocket dictionary with me in case the spell check is broken. I love being home, but I don't mind a couple of hours out for drinks or dinner with the girls. Oh, and I love getting the mail too:)

Thanks for sharing your 6 unimportant things.

Kiki said...

Kuckie, Did you know that I lived in Houston when Enron went down...not good!!!

About the shopping...well, when you get here we are going to have so much fun it won't even feel like shopping!!! Trust me. Do you want Kenady to come up and we'll get lunch or dinner, something fun??? Can you tell I am thinking about it and can't wait!!!??


I hate getting the mail. Mainly cause I know it's full of bills. Sometimes I don't go get it for a full week.

Kuckie said...

Kate - Good to know!

Terri - But the mail is so FUN!! All the possibilities!!

Logzie - I hear ya, girl!

Kenady - we sound a lot alike too...except for the shopping for other people thing!!!

Kiki - No, I did not know that! I'm glad I was gone and a happy massage therapist by then. That sucked BIG TIME for all those involved! I'm definitely looking forward to the beach and meeting you and YES!!! Kenady should come too!!!!

Snowman - but there's always the POSSIBILITY of something really great being there!

countrymouse said...

You and I have many things in common : )

The spelling thing is a peeve for me too. However, my son is the number one ranked student in the engineering department at his university, he is incredibly well (and deeply) read--very, very, very intelligent boy--a bit of a renaissance man--but can't spell his way out of a paper bag. It's not because he's too lazy to learn, his brain just isn't wired that way. I've had to learn to let go . . .

But I *refuse* to let go when it comes to the aisle sign at Wal-Mart that says "camera's" grrrrrrr

California Girl said...

We are a lot alike in our likes and dislikes! I, too, dislike shopping and only do it when I have to or the urge [about 1-2 times a year] strikes.

Good to know more about you!

California Girl said...

Oh, and I can't stand it when people use 'your' instead of 'you're'. Bugs the you-know-what out of me!

Claire said...

I love getting the mail from my mailbox at home - you just never know what is going to be there - it's even a good day if it's just a magazine or a catalog that I am interested in! I loved the movie "You've Got Mail" because it is the same feeling about getting emails and comments on your blog!
Talking about spelling makes me nervous because of working for the newspaper - and making a mistake is absolutely horrible - I feel so much guilt when I don't catch something - the spell check works really weird in the program we use and I am a good speller but every once in awhile I am humbled by missing something! Bride's and bride's mothers are very unforgiving!!!!

jenelle said...

#1 - I thought I was the only one obsessive about mail. Nothing makes me happier than non-bill/advertising mail.

#4 - Don't read my blog too carefully. They created spell check for people like me...

Hammer said...

I am so on board with 4 and 5.

You might like tofu in thai cooking.. they do it very well.

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