Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards

Well, it seems I have been given a Thinking Blogger Award by Miss Mary Helen , and that includes needing to pick 5 blogs that I enjoy! This ought to be a challenge, since I don't read very many! So, first of all, thanks to Mary Helen for tagging me... now, on with the honors!

Here is how it works:

You must wait to be tagged by another blogger before you post your own list. No jumping ahead. Link back to the original post for this meme ("5 Blogs That Make Me Think"). You may then add a gold or silver "Thinking Blogger Award" button just like the one at the top left of my page.

1.) Rick's Rambling - Rick posts on everything that pops into his head, which is quite entertaining. Plus, he has a wicked sense of humor as well...check it out!

2.) How Did I Get Here? - My friend Missy's blog. Lots of Connor stories, knitting updates, and tons of music! All music lovers must tune in to Missy! You won't be disappointed!

3.) It's the Little Things - Lisa's stories about her family life and her great jewelry designs make this a must see!

4.) I Eat Snowman Poop - Found this blog off of Rick's. FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY!!!!! I always save this one for last because it always leaves me laughing!

5.) Logziella's World - A peek into her family life...PLUS Thrifty Thursdays!!!

Check 'em out, folks! You just may find something you like!
Happy Thursday!


Missy said...

connor stories abound!
maybe I should have named my blog "the life of connor red"


wow. Thanks.

Rick said...


Logziella said...


I'll work on that today! :0)

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