Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm out of my element!

So this weekend, Barry and I both had a brief reprieve.

Barry had his annual fishing trip with "the guys" up on Lake Erie...he left Friday morning and came home Sunday afternoon. PLUS, my mom had called last week to see if the monkeys could come to her house for a sleepover. So, I did what any smart mom would do...

I asked if they could come on Friday. Seriously! Just think of the things I could do with 2 days and an evening all to myself! I don't think I have been totally alone for an evening for about 6 years! So, you can imagine my giddiness when Mom said, "Sure. Friday will be fine! And you can pick them up as late as you want on Saturday." OMG! Are you kidding me?????

My head was swimming with the possibilities, and boy, did I come up with a list! I was going to get so much done that everyone would be impressed, and I would feel like I had accomplished so much and feel renewed all at the same time. EXCEPT...that's not what happened at all.

I didn't get home from dropping the monkeys off until 3 pm on Friday. Mostly because I stopped at this great little raspberry farm on my way back to pick black raspberries. I was so jazzed about this because I have been wanting to stop there for 3 years now, but never do because I always have the kiddos with me, or I have missed the season. Well, not on Friday! I stopped and picked as many berries as I felt like. I took my time, and enjoyed the peacefulness all around me. The sky was clear and blue, the berries were big, and I was definitely getting some sun on my shoulders! It felt weird not to HAVE to be anywhere. And then I realized that I did! The puppy needed to be let out! Time to get yer butt home, sister! So I went home, my best friend Sheri came out, we made dinner AND a black raspberry pie. YUM! (And yes, I made my own crust...)

Saturday morning I watched a movie ALL BY MYSELF. What a concept! Then I took the pup for a walk and came home to a *still* empty house. Everything I was excited about suddenly made me feel so lost. I didn't know what to do with myself without the chaos and noise that is usually part of the background here at the cabin. What was wrong with me? I tried to get myself motivated to start one of my many projects...maybe a bit of scrapbooking, some beading...even some knitting... but alas, I could not. Although I was home, I was completely out of my element. All I could think about was what time I should go get my babes. I finally gave in and called mom. "I'm leaving here at 3...see you around 4:30." I couldn't believe that I had not taken advantage of my "ME" weekend! But when we got home, all was right again. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but... organized chaos reigns!

Sunday, we had our first puppy class, which went well. Scout is definitely eager to learn. However, Kendall told me halfway through the class that she didn't feel good. She came over and sat on my lap, and holy crap! She was burning up! We got home, and sure enough, 101 on the thermometer. So, here we are...monday morning...still with the fever. Bummer, dude. So, swimming lessons have been cancelled and we will be spending the rest of the day here at home. That's ok...I have some serious snuggle time to catch up on with those monkeys!



even moms need a day off every once and a while

Logziella said...

My parents took my kids once when Chuck was traveling for work and I was home all alone for the first time in years too. I loved it! I got all of my scrapbooking stuff all spread out and away I went!

Glad you finally got your rasberries...I SO know what you are talking about...driving by that place for 3 years but not stopping b/c you have the kiddos with you. Been there!

So glad to have 'met you' thru blogland. Iam enjoying getting to know you and it's great to have another fellow Mom blogger friend!

Rick said...

Well, you never mentioned missing the guy at lake Erie. Did he catch any fish?

Kuckie said...

Of course I missed him! And he had a great time with his buddies, playing poker and fishing. They caught almost the limit of fish, so they were plenty happy...and he was happy just to get back home to us!

Rick said...

Yea sure he was! This guy is good.

Kuckie said...

Rick, you have no idea!!!

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