Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nice Necklace...Worthy Cause!

Good morning, all you faithful readers! Just wanted to pass along a bit of sunshine today in the form of giving to a worthy cause while getting a little something special for yourself or a loved one!

One of the blogs I keep up with regularly is "It's the Little Things" written by Lisa Leonard. Lisa lives in California, has a wonderful little family, and just so happens to make very cool jewelry. This piece you see here was inspired by her son, David, who was born with cdls, a random genetic disorder. You can read more about their story by clicking on the link to Lisa's blog above, or in my sidebar. Anyway, in honor of David turning 5, Lisa designed this special necklace to show how blessed she feels that David is a part of their lives. It is $38 and $10 of each necklace will go to the cdls foundation . Please consider purchasing a necklace for yourself or a loved one. It's a good cause, and you get something beautiful as well! And if this particular necklace isn't for you, then take a moment to poke around her site...all of her designs are great! Maybe you'll find something else you like!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Enjoy a safe 4th!


Logziella said...

Thanks for the info. I will check out her site. I really like that necklace!

Kuckie said...

Logzie, she has lots of cool designs! Hope you find something you like!

Lisa Leonard said...

thanks for the awesome post jen! xoxo

Mary Helen said...

What a great post.

I left you a little prize on my blog today. Check out the awards.

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