Friday, July 13, 2007

So Bummed

We are so bummed today.

When I got up this morning, things were eerily quiet. I wasn't sure what was missing, but I knew SOMETHING was.

Turns out it was our favorite rooster, Elvis. He was not out there crowing every 3 minutes, making sure everyone within a 2 mile radius was awake. So, doing my usual head count of the chickens, I realized that 4 were missing. SHIT. We had left the chicken gate open last night. Not that this is unusual, mind you. All last summer those chickens free-ranged all they wanted. But last night was different, I guess.

After carefully taking a long, hard, look-see over the property (from the house), I determined that I was going to need to go on out and take a closer inspection of what I felt were a couple of piles of feathers. They were, indeed, feathers. From Elvis. And Puffy, Kendall's beloved golden hen. And even worse, I found Puffy's body and the body of another hen not too far from there. Oh, soooo sad. Never found Elvis though...or the other hen. But, I didn't really look much more after that. No desire to. My fears had already been confirmed.

Now I know it's silly to be sad about these chickens, especially the nameless ones...but these chickens were our first...and also our first livestock of any kind. They laid countless perfect, tasty eggs that our friends and family were fighting to get. They kept the bugs down, and obviously, they woke us up in the morning. I am sad, and even more, I feel like it's my fault for leaving the chicken gate open. Slaughtered right in our own yard. Tragic.

But, justice WILL be served, mind you. In true renegade fashion, my husband has vowed to sit on top of the chicken coop tonight with his 22 and take out whatever comes back for more tasty chicken. Won't that be a sight? The neighbors oughta love that!

That's right, folks...never a dull moment here at the can count on that!


Kate said...

that's awful - so sorry about the chickens!

Logziella said...

I can totally understand your sadness...maybe they were only chickens but that doesn't matter!

I am sorry! How is Kendall taking it?

I would love to see your husband on the roof with his 22!! LOL!!!

Kuckie said...

Kate - thanks, and also thanks for stopping by!

Logzie - I'll try to get a pic, of course, but it will be dark! Kendall cried a bit, but seems ok now. She is out trying to catch butterlies, so I think all is right with the world again...


Now that would be a sight hubby on the roof with a 22.

And people make fun of us in Alabama geez lol

Reggie said...

Sorry about that. I have always wanted chickens for eggs.

Kuckie said...

It's ok...really! Both of our neighbors have chickens (in fact, that's where we GOT our chickens), and they have offered to give us a couple to replace the ones we lost. Nice neighbors! And, Reggie, get yourself some chickens! The are so easy, and the eggs are like none other! Thanks for stopping by!

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