Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Just wondering...

Do you ever freak yourself out a bit if you are driving over a really high bridge and you have to stop on it because of traffic or something, and you think, "Holy cow, what would happen if this bridge just fell? OMG! Could you even survive? How terrifying would that be? I'll bet it happens all the time..." And you kind of get a sick feeling in your belly and feel a little panicky?

Yeah, me either. I was just wondering.



Only one time. There is a huge long bridge that goes from Mobile AL to Daulphin Island (off the coast of AL) It's the only way to get there by car. It sucks bad because if it does fall you are in the ocean.

terri said...

You've been tagged. http://territerri.com/?p=625

Participate if you'd like, but I know how some people feel about memes so no offense if you dont! ;)

Marie said...

Nope never, especially when a truck is going over it and you can feel the vibrations!

Kristin said...

Actually, it's a short bridge that's 5 minutes from my house that freaks me out during rush hour. When stopped, I *know* an earthquake will hit right at that very moment and I'll be sunk. Literally.

Logziella said...

Oh my gosh...going over a bridge in a car and sinking is probably my biggest fear!! I am always picturing myself trying to get all of the kids carseats unbuckled.

We have the Mackinac Bridge here and one year a while ago a lady was in a Yugo (remember those cars?) and a big gust of wind blew her off the bridge and into the big lake...terrifying!!

I know what you mean...I am totally NOT scared but I can totally relate to someone who is...HA!!!

Kuckie said...

Snowman - falling in the ocean = no fun

Marie - HATE the vibrations!

Kristin - that's exactly what I'm talking about!

Logzie - Glad you're back! I would be even more terrified to be driving a YUGO!!!

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