Friday, July 20, 2007

It's all About the Benjamins...

So, VBS is done for the year. Kendall lives the whole year just for that one week of Vacation Bible School. The songs, the crafts, the is almost too much to handle!

Yesterday, she got up from the lunch table to go potty. I could hear her in there singing her bible school songs, being as dramatic as she can. Well, this went on a good 15 minutes, so I went to check on her. What a sight.

There was my daughter, sitting on the pot, pants around her ankles, singing a song about Israel (which she was calling Is-rye-del). Anyway, she was singing very somberly, covering her heart with her hands, looking up at heaven, and just being as animated as usual. Good Grief, I couldn't help but was cute. And just the fact that she was on the potty made it funnier.

So, finally, I coaxed her into finishing up her business and coming back out to finish her lunch. As she sat back down at the table, she said, "Did you hear me singing, Mama?" I told her of course I did, and that she sings as pretty as an angel.

To which she replied, "Yeah, last night at vacation bible school, my teacher told me that I sing so beautifully! I've been working really hard on BLENDING. There were some of the teachers tonight that got to sing ON STAGE! Mama, someday I want to sing on stage for a big audience!" And I, not being one to squelch a kid's dreams, told her what a cool thing that would be and that she would have to practice a whole big bunch. And she said..

"Yeah, and I want to get PAID for doing it!"

Yep, folks, it is indeed, ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS.



LOL cute. She has it figured out already

Anonymous said...

go figure....the bug on a stage with an people adoring her!!! never pictured that one...not!!

just think, I can say that I remember when she was just a little girl!

Ms. Kathy

terri said...

Smart kid!

Logziella said...

She's no dumby! You go Kendall! So cute! :0)

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