Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekend happenings

What a nice relaxing weekend!

Our big event for Friday was giving Scout a bath. As you can see from the pictures, both kids were having a ball! Noah wouldn't stay out of the water, of course! And, as you might expect, Scout was only clean for about an hour afterward...then he decided to go roll around in the mud by the pond. Now he's dirtier than he was BEFORE his bath! Oh least he doesn't smell!

Barry and I had a date on Saturday night, thanks to Miss Kathy and her offer of overnight babysitting! Barry and I dropped the monkeys off, then headed to Ted's Montana Grill, where we had bison steaks. They were really good! Nothing on the dessert menu was flippin' my trigger, so we decided on Cap City Diner for some "seriously big chocolate cake"...and that, my friends, is actually the name of it! Oh my, it was fabulous! If you can get a piece, I would highly recommend it!

After the yummy dessert, we headed home to let the puppy out and to watch "An Inconvenient Truth". I can honestly say that we both liked it!
By this time it was midnight, and we were, we knew the pup would be getting up at 5:30 or off to bed!

Sunday we just got a couple of things done around the house and then headed in to pick up the kiddos. On our way home, Mom & Joe called to say they thought they'd drive out for dinner, so the kids were more than happy with that decision! Of course, when Mom & Joe got here, the kids were in for a surprise! They had ridden a friend's scooter down! Kendall got to take a ride with Pawpaw, and she definitely thought that was COOL!

What did you do this weekend?


Rick said...

Sounds like a blast!

Logziella said...

You already heard about my 'anything BUT relaxing' weekend...but I think I just relaxed some just reading about yours!

It sounded wonderful!..and I am glad you got a date night. We could really use one of those suckers...HA!

Amy Saltsman said...

You are an inspiration Jen Kuck. Can you say "Super-Mom & Wife"? I loved looking through all of your pictures and reading your blog. What a life!! You inspire the rest of us to have fun, make it simple and laugh. Thanks!!!
Have you ever thought of a career in writing?

Kuckie said...

Thanks Amy! You are too sweet! And yes, I have...I want to write a children's book. BUT, as an Aires, I am all dreams and no follow through! I get bored too quickly with all of the details!

Rick said...

Did you say you were an air head?

Kuckie said...

Rick, I can honestly say that is one thing I have never been accused of being!

Rick said...

I must have miss understood! ;)

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