Friday, July 27, 2007've gotta love 'em!

Are you ready for the two newest kid stories? I've got one for each...

Let's do Noah first, since his is a little quicker! About 2 weeks ago, Noah had a really bad diaper rash due to that yucky bug both kids had - the diahrrea was horrible. Anyway, it was sores bad. And it wasn't just on his little bum either. It was all down the inside of his thighs so it hurt when we put the diaper on and also when he would walk. It was so sad, because he wanted to be carried everywhere. Needless to say, every time we had to do a diaper change, it was a major struggle because he didn't want to be wiped! (Can't say I blame him there!)

Anyway, we would try to distract him by asking if he wanted lotion. Just a special little concoction I got from a midwife in New Mexico called Lickety Split Healing Balm...but it works wonders! So anyway, he would say "Jes, Jes! Lo-sun!" and that would distract him enough to get his diaper off and get him cleaned up.

Fast forward to this week. He still requests "lo-sun" at every diaper change, vehemently requests it, in fact...even though there is no diaper rash in sight. As soon as you lay him down, he starts demanding. Then on Thursday, we got Noah's report from his childcare facility that details his day, including diaper changes. And this is what it said on that particular section:

Dirty at 12:50. Asked for "lotion".
Do not have any here.
You may send some to use if you'd like.

So just picture it, folks. My son is becoming a pampered little boy. It's like he's at his own personal day spa. I don't know any other little boys who simply must have lotion applied to their little bums at every diaper change! Do you?

Second story is all Kendall. Ah, my dramatic little girl.

On Thursday night, she found this tiny little frog floating in one of the holes Barry had dug for his deck posts. Of course, with all the rain we've had, the holes filled with water. Kendall spotted this little guy and decided a rescue was in order. She was being called upon to save this little frog's life! So she grabbed one of her Daddy's paver bricks and lured him to safety. Phew! Good thing too, because I guess frogs can't swim! ;0)

So she named him Froggy (a Kendall original...)and proceeded to create a brand new home for him in the baby pool, complete with rocks to climb on and grass to burrow in and she even caught grasshoppers for him to eat. She tried and tried to convince Barry that she should keep him as a pet, but it was to no avail. Barry explained and explained that he was a wild frog and it wasn't fair to keep him from his parents and that if we kept him, he would more than likely die. So she finished her new frog habitat and reluctantly went to bed.

Friday morning, she woke up and went running downstairs and outside. Now keep in mind that I was at work on Thursday and didn't get home until after she was in bed, so I didn't know what she was doing. I mean, I had heard the story, but hadn't been here for the "experience". About 5 minutes later, I hear uncontrollable sobbing and then all-out wailing! I go running outside, worried that she hurt herself or something...but no. All of this because Froggy was GONE! He was GONE!!! Oh, the horror! I explained all of the things Barry had previously explained, along with the argument that we would probably see him again up around the house, but she wasn't having it.

"He's gone, Mama! My Froggy is GONE!! I rescued him and named him and everything! I built him a wonderful place to live and even caught him grasshoppers to eat! I can't believe he is GONE! Why did he leave me? I LOVE HIM! He's the only frog I ever loved! My heart is breaking, Mama. No really, it is! My chest hurts so bad...I think I'm dying!"

Lord. So now I am in full Mama-make-it-better mode. And for 2 hours after, I was still hearing about how her heart was breaking. Finally she stopped when we went to Wal-mart. Thank goodness.

BUT, when I went up to put her to bed and read to her last night, this is what I found on her bed:Notice the very happy frog and the heart breaking there on the right. And of course, you certainly can't miss the big word GONE. It was so sad, and sweet...but I didn't let her get all spun out of control again. I just told her that it was a really nice picture and she really conveyed her feelings well. And much to my surprise, she was totally fine. Not a tear, a whine, nothing.

Holy cow...can you imagine what it's going to be like around here when she breaks up with her first boyfriend?!?!


Logziella said...

Your kiddos sound so precious!

I love that picture Kendall's GREAT!

And oh yah, we say the same thing about Kenzie and PMS...Lord help us all! :0)


The only frog i ever loved lol

Kuckie said...

I know, Snowman. That comment almost broke my "serious and listening" face!

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