Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't go there...

Any good guesses as to what is going on in this first picture?

No, Kendall is not picking which chicken to have for dinner.

She IS lecturing Elvis the rooster for mounting one of her favorite hens in an attempt to "make sweet, passionate love" to her. (That is a throwback to the chef in Southpark, in case you were wondering where that little tidbit came from...) Anyway, Kendall has no idea what those crazy chickens are up to, and this mama is keeping quiet for now! Not ready for that conversation just yet! Plus, this kind of stuff is just too funny to watch!

These next two pictures are just an ode to the summer days I love most. I tell you...I love that hammock that Barry and the kids got me for Mother's Day! It's so relaxing just hangin' there in the backyard, listening to the kids playing, the breeze blowing...sun shining on my face. And, of course, napping with my favorite little girl in said hammock! What could be better, I ask you?

How I love these lazy summer days!

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Rick said...

Looks like a great day!

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