Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer Hoops!

Right out of the gates after school was let out, Kendall had little downtime. Her Summer Hoops daycamp started the first week after school was finished. Even though it was summer break, we were at the park every morning by 9:00 so she could learn about basketball and hone her skills... or lack thereof at that point! But I promise I am not just being a biased mom when I tell you that by the end of the week I could see remarkable improvement! In fact, she wants me to sign her up for the next session. So, we'll just see if there are still any openings. Who knows, maybe basketball will be her thing!

Now, this week she is on to zoo camp. We are at the zoo every morning at 9:00 and she stays until 4:00. Let me assure you, this is BIG FUN. She looks forward to it all year long. Last night I heard all about chinchillas, different kinds of tigers, alligators, and about all the endangered species...and this was after my lecture on animals that are now extinct! Who knew zoo camp would be educational for me too??? Stay tuned for pictures, if I can get any!

And Noah hasn't been a slacker either! Don't go getting that idea! He started swim lessons yesterday and he and I are spending some time at the zoo while Kendall Bug is at camp...not to mention the level of business here at home. That kid has lots to do! No pics of swim lessons...I have to be in the pool with him, so that makes it just a little bit difficult! But don't worry, there are plenty of other cute pics of that little heartbreaker! See below, if you don't believe me!

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Rick said...

I remember loving summer as a kid. What the heck, I still do!

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