Sunday, June 03, 2007

Introducing Scout!

Here he is...our sweet new puppy, Scout!

He will be 9 weeks old on Tuesday, and is a black lab/golden retriever mix. Isn't he so cute, with his dark eyes and big, wavy ears?

Kendall and Noah are having a ball with him. Noah is a little more hands-off than Kendall, but he is a champ at telling Scout to "Shhhh--Shhh!", and " 's ok, scout....'s ok" when he's crated and whining. We've only had 2 accidents so far, and he is quite the sleeper! He has a great temperament and is such a funny, clumsy little guy. And, you've just gotta love those big feet!

We are so happy to have this new little guy as part of our family... Come out and meet him when you have time!

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