Saturday, June 23, 2007

Guess where we were?

Yesterday was a long day...
can you guess where we were?

If you guessed the zoo, you are right! Although, I guess technically you could say the we're at the zoo every day...right in our own home. It was Kendall's last day of zoo camp, so she finished at 12:00. Since that was the case, Noah and I decided to hang out and spend a bit of QT together looking at the animals, and we saw a LOT, especially since it was so early and very cool. The animals were out and about, playing and eating, and VERY active. I let him pick what he wanted to see for the most part.

Some of his favorites...

  • The elephants. ALWAYS a hit.
  • The kangaroos.
  • Puffy, the worlds largest type of python. YUCK. She is 32 kids long. (I just wanted out of that building!)
  • Discovery Reef...and I must admit that is my favorite too! I could sit in there all day, just watching.
  • The tigers. Noah cannot get out of there without roaring at them.
  • The penguins, OBVIOUSLY. What kid doesn't like the penguins?

As for that cute little pic on the carousel?
Well, that was all for show. He was all about riding that thing, thinking he was so cool... until it started moving. Then it was all screaming and grabbing Mama around the neck. So, needless to say, his carousel ride was spent with me holding him. He did seem to like the music, at least! I also found some time to let him play on the playground. I usually discourage this, since we are not at the zoo to play, but rather to see and learn about the animals, but I was starting to feel like he needed to burn off some steam. Too much time riding in the car and stroller makes Noah a very wiggly little tyke! So he played for 15 or 20 minutes, most of which was spent going down the spiral slide and complaining about the mulch in his sandals. I must have taken those things off and dumped them 6 times!

Then we picked Kendall up from camp and headed out for some lunch before her eye doctor appointment. She passed all her eye tests with flying colors, so no glasses for her! Thank goodness. We're hoping both kiddos get MY eyesight...not Barry's!

Hope you had a good, fun, and productive friday as well...

Bring on the weekend!


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