Friday, June 29, 2007

The Bug Girl

As you may well know, my daughter is a bug girl.

She will tell you herself..."Mama, I'm just a bug girl!" So today, this is what she brought in the house to show me. Call it the Catch of the Day, if you will.

My Kendall-bug is not afraid of the creepy-crawlies...but I don't really like them! I try, however, not to let on too much because I don't want her to "learn" to not like them. Let's just say I won't be running around trying to catch any dragonflies or spiders anytime soon. I will join in on catching crickets and fireflies though!

Also on the topic of Kendall today...

Today my friend Deetra was over with her daughter Shea, and we were all in the kitchen as I was making lunch. Anyway, I hear this rustling around in the pantry and realized that Kendall was the child who was MIA.
I said, " Kendall...what are you doing in there?"
Now, keep in mind, we have had a few conversations as of late about not sneaking food. Everything has to be approved through Mama. So I was not surprised that there was no response!
Again..."Kendall, what are you doing?"
I see my towhead daughter peek her head out of the pantry, and I ask the question again. And boy is that girl getting quick! Do you know what she said to me (without even a blink)?

"I was just checking the crackers to see if they were getting stale..."!

I guess they weren't!


Logziella said...

That is a super cool picture of that bug!

I am with you...I don't like bugs either...although my hatred for snakes definately takes the cake! HA!

Rick said...

Very smart kid! Like her Mama, I imagine!

Kuckie said...

Logziella... I am with you on the snakes, girl! She came running in all excited the other day because she found a garter snake in the flowerbed. Thankfully she didn't grab it! We've had many conversations about not touching snakes of any kind...

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