Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Last Day of Kindergarten

Stay with me here, folks, as I go back through some pictures of events I didn't seem to get the time to post...

As you all know, Kendall started Kindergarten last fall, so she just finished up her first year of school. My, was it exciting! She (and the rest of her class) were on a countdown for the last 20 or so days of school, and she would tell me every morning exactly how many days she had left before summer vacation. For their last day, the school had a picnic with the parents, a procession down the parent-lined hall, and then little presentations in each classroom. And I must admit that now, after becoming this emotional mess of a mom, I teared up quite a bit during it all. What is it about motherhood that makes you cry about every little milestone you watch your child achieve? I feel every emotion much more intensely now than ever before in my life, and if I'm being completely honest with myself (and you), it leaves me a bit unsettled. I don't like being so emotional. But alas, as my husband says all the time... IT IS WHAT IT IS. So I will embrace this new overly emotional side of myself...whether I like it or not!

Ahhh, I digress. Let's get back to the pictures... what do you say? The first picture was taken on the playground after our picnic lunch. That is Kendall with her friend Haleigh. These two get all excited everytime they run into one another and simply MUST throw their arms around each other! Too cute.

The second picture is of Kendall with her friend Seaonna. These two are the same way...lots of squealing and LOTS of hugging!

That last picture is of Kendall receiving her "graduation" packet from her teacher, Mrs. Hurles. Kendall really liked having Mrs. Hurles this year, and she is really happy that next year the kindergarten classes will be moved to the elementary building so she will still see Mrs. Hurles on a daily basis.

So there you go, folks. Kendall has successfully navigated the perils of her first year of school. She has made friends, met teachers and school staff, had things stolen by a classmate, been called a "friend-stealer", made up with the child who called her that, started reading chapter books, learned a lot about math and science, went on field trips, and all in all, had a really good year. Now, 12 short weeks of freedom and then back to the grind!

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