Sunday, June 24, 2007

Little known facts about me!

I cut and pasted this from Lisa's blog...thought it would be something fun! Here goes...

1. Favorite candy - dove dark chocolate, cocoa almonds, or sour patch kids.
2. favorite ice cream - I think this goes without saying, but Graeter's Strawberry Chip!
3. favorite book - Anything by Stephen King, also The Mutant Message Down Under
4. favorite magazine - I am not ashamed to say that I am a sucker for People! I also love Real Simple.
5. favorite memory from childhood - playing in the woods behind our house with all the neighbor kids. We had forts, trails, and plenty of imagination...those were the days!
6. quality you most admire in your spouse and/ or best friend - steadiness, calmness, and a strong sense of self.
7. favorite way to spend your day - on vacation with friends and their the beach, relaxing! Ahhhhh...
8. how may meals you eat out each week - Me, personally? for each night I work. But as a family...maybe 1, but most of the time none.
9. how many kids you'd like to have - 2. And MAYBE, and that's a BIG maybe...3.
10. how many traffic tickets you've had - 3, I think!
11. best date ever - Barry picked me up and took me to Adolphs. He had made an arrangement with friends who worked there for us to have a private dinner in the back banquet room...they made us a special dinner and served it to us by candlelight...and I think Barry had to use the quarters from his change jar to pay for it! (Keep in mind, people... this was when we were young, broke, college students!) It was sweet and romantic and all the stuff teenage romance novels are made of.
12. favorite local eatery - I have 3. Windchimes, Columbus Fish Market, and El Vaquero.
13. suggestions for a free, fun, family day - Picnic and hiking at one of the parks
14. one place you'd like to visit - I'd like to take a train out west to the badlands. Just ride along and take in the scenery. I hear it's unbelievable!
15. favorite drink - fresh lemonade with frozen strawberries and a little Bacardi Limon. YUM!

You may now consider yourself informed about me! ;-)

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Rick said...

Ice cream and dark chocolate! You can't beat that!

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