Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's another one of those days

Yep, another one of "those days" for sure.

It is only 12:15, and here is a list of things Noah has already accomplished:

  1. Slamming his head into mine this morning while trying to give me a "good morning kiss". I should have a nice goose egg from that by this afternoon...
  2. Screaming his head off in the kitchen right after the head slamming, demanding, "JOOS! JOOOS! JOOOOOOOS MAMA!!!" This was going on as I was trying to decide if I had a concussion or not...and still seeing stars.
  3. Dumping the entire cup of said juice on the table, where it ran off and onto the floor, chair, and of course, Noah himself.
  4. Dumping Scout's water bowl all over the basement floor, which of course, drenched his shoes and pants that I had JUST put on him.
  5. Pulling all of the toilet paper off the roll and stuffing it into the toilet, while yelling, "Fetch! Fetch!" Don't ask....I don't know. I was still cleaning up the dumped water bowl.
  6. Laughing and saying, " 's OK, Mama! 's OK!" while I was trying to fish the majority of the toilet paper out of the toilet to avoid an overflow.
  7. Dumping Scout's water bowl all over the basement floor AGAIN while I was making lunch.
  8. Refusing to eat his lunch because he wanted Kendall's. Of course, they had exactly the same thing, so... whatever. Then he proceeded to scream the rest of the way through lunch as Kendall and I ignored him. He never did eat, and I did NOT give him a cup of joos!
  9. Playing fetch with Kendall. He is the dog and she rolls blocks across the room. (I've had to remind her 3 times not to throw things in the house.) He fetches them in his understand. And when he brings it back, he says, "Goo Boy!"
Did I mention I'm tired?
I sure could use that Graeters right now...


Anonymous said...

Deep breaths!!! Soon they will be 11 and 13 and you'll wonder how it happened soooo fast!

Ms. Kathy

Logziella said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I clicked over and checked out yours too just now and reading this post make me laugh because I am a mother of 3 little ones and I can totally relate!!

I enjoyed your blog...I'll be back soon.

Kuckie said...

Glad to have you...enjoyed your blog as well!

Mary Helen said...

Wow, have I had those days! Mine are 2 and 4.

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