Monday, June 04, 2007

Girls Night Out!

Watch out Columbus Ohio!

The Lake Choctaw ladies were out on the town to celebrate a birthday...Happy Birthday, Jen!

We started our evening at Gordon Biersch in the Arena District for dinner, and then the girls decided we couldn't just go home! After all, how often do we all get out without the kids?

So, we headed to Spice for drinks (watermelon martini, anyone?) and conversation...and a couple of pictures...but the dancing there left much to be desired. It was like someone's basement with some fancy lighting and curtained cabanas...but a cement basement with a lousy sound system nontheless. So, we weighed our options...

and it was off to Sugar, which was essentially dead. Only a few people dancing and drinking...which prompted us to leave and head to the Lodge Bar. They had a band, and a good amount of people dancing, so it was by far the most fun place we went! Plus, Jodi whined to the bouncer about us "housewives" having to pay a $5.00 cover, so he got us free passes, which was a plus!

I know you can probably hardly believe it, but we little ol' moms stayed out until 1:30 am....we can hardly believe it ourselves! Enjoy the pics...I know you'll all want to know where we're going next time so you can join us! I promise you won't be disappointed!


Bonnie said...

Can I be an honorary Chataw Mom? I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy Birthday Jen!

Kuckie said...

Not my birthday...another Jen, but still a great time! Can't wait for my bday to roll around again!

Rick said...


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