Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Bug Man

Last night Barry played poker with his buddies, so I took the kiddos up to our local library to see The Bug Man. I had heard that the Bug Man is always a hit, and as you know, Kendall LOVES bugs, so I thought they'd really enjoy it. Kendall was mesmerized. She answered quite a few questions that no one else knew the answer to, and I was pretty proud of her! Noah, well...let's just say that the only time Noah was really interested was when the Bug Man was talking about how people around the world eat bugs as part of their normal diet. He had taken crickets, frozen them, fried them in coconut oil, and tossed them in powdered sugar. Of course, the big shock value of the evening was asking if anyone wanted to try them. Who do you think was one of the first ones to have their hand up? Yes, that would be my son. Why? Because Noah loves FOOD. And he did it, too! Didn't even miss a beat...grabbed a cricket, looked up at me with it squished between his chubby little fingers, said "I eat a cwicket!", and popped it in his mouth. UGH! I tried really hard to act like it was no big deal so he (and Kendall) wouldn't freak out...but YUCK!!! That kid is something else!

So anyway, we got to see 2 different kinds of praying mantises, a black widow spider, assasin bugs, and a scorpion. Most of my pictures didn't turn out well because the Bug Man moves too much, I don't have a great zoom, and also because Noah was sitting on my lap, and he does NOT sit still. So, here is the best I have...


terri said...

So... did Noah say if he enjoyed his cricket? Good job with the not freaking out. I'm not so sure how I'd handle it!

California Girl said...

As much as I would try to be a good sport...EEEUUUWWWW!

Good for Noah to try different things. He'll probably en up being a survival kinda guy and he'll be able to live because of all the stuff he knows!

MommyK said...

Oh. My. GAWD!!!!!!!

That's all i have to say.

jenelle said...

Break out the mouth wash! You are better than I. First of all, don't think we would have even made it out to see the bug man, let alone "enjoy" the delicacies provided.

You are a good mom.

Teresa said...

I am sitting here just cracking up!! I love that Noah...he's a RIOT and boy does he love him some food...apparently ANY kind. I love that!! He's hilarious!!

I bet Kendall was just LOVING that...it's so up her alley!!!

Hammer said...

hehe I'm not a bug person. Most get squished if they get too close ;)

Kuckie said...

Terri - I asked him if it was good, and he said, "YES!!"

CG - Yeah, I was thinking the same thing! And let's hope he does!

MommyK - Ditto that!

Jenelle - Thanks, I try. But even this was pushing my limits!

Teresa - You're right on both accounts!

hammer - Me too...but I'm trying to foster a different attitude with the kiddos...but ICK!!!!

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