Monday, June 16, 2008

National Cancer Survivor Day

On Sunday, we spent the evening at the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium (the BEST zoo!) for National Cancer Survivor Day. My mother-in-law is a 10-year breast cancer survivor, and she invited the whole family...I think we had 18 of us that showed up! The day was sponsored by The Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State, and all the families got in free, parked free, ate dinner free, and rode all the rides free! They also had live music and a car show! We really had a nice time...the kids rode the ponies, the train, the boat ride, the name it, they did it! The weather was hot when we first got there, around 4 pm...and then cooled down nicely. It was packed!!! The zoo normally closes at 6:00, but stayed open just for this event until 9:00. We didn't get home until about 10:00, but then again, we DID stop at Graeter's on the way home for the best ice cream ever!!

I took more pics than these, but for some reason they turned out fuzzy ( I think my camera is having an issue - OH NO!!) here are a couple of the kiddos riding the ponies:


jenelle said...

I love the Columbus Zoo. We took Ryan there when he was little and the aquarium was captivating to him along with the mile long line to see the baby elephant. Wish we had a good zoo like that.

Awesome that it was free for the family.

terri said...

What a great way to celebrate the fact that you MIL is a survivor! Sounds like a fantastic day.

Putz said...

did you know the zoo in ashbourgh north carolina is the biggest zoo per miles of animals in the world?????

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