Sunday, June 15, 2008

Zipline Video

Ok, here's a snippet of video from one of my take-offs. Most of the time we took off from platforms up in the trees, but here we were launching from the ground across a deep valley to the other side. Woo-hoo!!! The second one is of Barry....he has the camera strapped to his chest as he's zipping along. Doesn't it look like fun? Call us if you're going to go...we'll go with you! HA!!!


Reggie said...

Very cool!


man I want to go do that

territerri said...

AMAZING! What a great gift for your hubby!

Logziella said...

That is THE coolest Father's Day gift EVER!!!! Kinda makes the new sunglasses I got for Chuck look rediclious! LOL!!

Okay...we will be going thru Ohio this week on our way to NYC!! I am going to look up this Hocking Hills and see if we'll be anywhere near it. That looks AWESOME!! And I'm all about doing fun and crazy cool stuff like that!!

Thanks for sharing!!

P.S.-we decided next year that we are going to rent some sort of convertible sports car for the day on Father's Day and cruise around in it (the whole fam) and I promised Chuck I would not complain about my hair getting messy!! Ha!

countrymouse said...

Fabulous Father's Day!!! And not just everybody can look cute while strapped into a harness--you rock, girl : )

Kuckie said...

Reggie - It was definitely cool!

Snowman - you should do it if you get the chance!

Terri - It was so fun...he really liked it too!

Logzie - We just needed to shake things up a bit. There was nothing Barry needed but a little time off and some fun! The convertible sounds like an AWESOME idea!

Countrymouse - Awwww, aren't you the sweetest!!! Thanks, girl!

Putz said...

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Miss Got Wings said...

what an adventure! looks like a great time! What an awesome gift - Barry is one lucky guy :) And I second Country Mouse's comment - you look dahling!

kenady said...

wow! that looks like loads of fun. I don't know if R would dig it. He's the type that doesn't ride roller coasters,etc. Glad you guys had an awesome day!

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